Air Serbia celebrates Serbian aviation anniversary with a photo exhibition

Air Serbia and Belgrade Airport officially opened the exhibition titled “Year of great anniversaries of Serbian aviation: 95 years of the national airline and 60 years of the Belgrade Airport” at the head office of Air Serbia.

As a proud successor of the tradition of the first domestic airline, Air Serbia is celebrating 95 years since the incorporation of Aeroput, while Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The photo exhibition which displays the past, present and future of the two pillars of Serbian aviation will be held at the head office of Air Serbia. On July 1, it will be moved to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, whose visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the history of aviation in Serbia over the coming three months.

The official opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia, Air Serbia and Belgrade Airport, as well as business partners and media.

“In this year of great anniversaries, we particularly honour the visionaries who founded the first domestic airline – Aeroput all the way back in 1927. We are glad that, by joining forces with our partners from the Belgrade Airport, we celebrate this important year for Serbian aviation, and we are convinced that all visitors, as well as our passengers, will enjoy the exhibition of photographs documenting all key periods in the operations of the national airline and the Belgrade Airport. The exhibition is a symbolic testimony to the development of Aeroput, from Yugoslav Airlines (JAT) and JAT Airways, to Air Serbia, which continues to write chapters of history, confirming its role of regional leader in the aviation industry,” stated Jiří Marek, CEO of Air Serbia.

In addition to the photo exhibit and the implementation of a special emblem to its planes, Air Serbia will also be celebrating its 95th anniversary by creating a special postage stamp, in cooperation with the Post of Serbia.

“These two remarkable milestones for Serbian aviation industry are a proof how tradition and expertise can work successfully with modernization, expansion, and innovation event through very challenging times. Together, national airline and the airport will continue to strengthen Belgrade’s position as a well-connected regional hub and to reaffirm this part of Europe as a desirable destination“, stated Francois Berisot, CEO, Belgrade Airport.

As the successor to Aeroput, Air Serbia is in the eight place on the list of the oldest airlines in the world which are still operating. The first CEO of Aeroput, as well as the person who is the most responsible for its establishment despite numerous challenges, was Tadija Sondermajer, an elite Serbian military aviator and aeronautical engineer.



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