Avelo Airlines opens its new Orlando base with 3 737s, to expand to 10 by 2027

Avelo Airlines opened its third U.S. base on June 30 at Orlando International Airport (MCO).

Over the next year, Avelo expects to create up to 150 MCO-based jobs. These positions will be a combination of Avelo Crewmembers and jobs with Avelo business partners operating at MCO. Roles will include Airport Customer Service, Aircraft Technical Operations and Maintenance, Pilots, Flight Attendants and Supervisors. As the airline adds additional aircraft and routes over the next five years, Avelo expects to create up to 500 MCO-based jobs.

A Rapidly Expanding MCO Fleet and Route Network

Avelo will initially base three Boeing Next-Generation (NG) 737 jetliners at MCO – one 147-seat 737-700 and two 189-seat 737-800s.

Avelo’s current systemwide fleet consists of 10 737 NGs and is expected to expand to 15 aircraft by early 2023.

Over the next 12 months, Avelo plans to fly to 15 nonstop destinations from MCO. By 2027, Avelo expects to base 10 aircraft at MCO serving up to 50 nonstop destinations.

With the opening of its MCO base today, Avelo now serves three popular nonstop destinations from Orlando.

Southern Connecticut: Since November, Avelo has operated daily service between MCO and Southern Connecticut’s most convenient airport – Tweed-New Haven Airport (HVN). With the opening of its Orlando base, Avelo now flies to HVN up to three times per day.

Washington, D.C.: Beginning on June 30, Avelo will offer seasonal service five days per week to Baltimore / Washington International Airport (BWI) through August 21, 2022.

Wilmington, N.C.: Beginning on July 1, Avelo will offer seasonal service three days per week to Wilmington International Airport (ILM) through November 9, 2022.

New Orlando Pilot and Flight Attendant Training Center


Avelo also said it is on track for converging its airline-wide Pilot and Flight Attendant training in Orlando. Initial and recurrent training for all Avelo Pilots and Flight Attendants will be facilitated by Avenger Flight Group (AFG) — the world’s largest privately owned commercial aviation training and simulation company. Training will begin this fall with the completion of the new Orlando training facility next spring.

Previously conducted in separate locations and, at times, by separate companies, Avelo’s Pilot and Flight Attendant training will now be conducted at AFG’s new state-of-the-art Orlando campus. AFG provides advanced flight training solutions to airlines around the world at nearly 20 flight training centers across North America, South America and Europe. The new AFG-based training will provide opportunities for collaborative learning and training in areas such as leadership, evacuation simulations and customer service.

Avelo employs nearly 200 Pilots and Flight Attendants. The airline anticipates hiring hundreds more in the years ahead — many of whom will be based in Orlando.

A Simple, Smooth and Reliable Alternative to Hub & Spoke Airlines


Unlike conventional airline “hubs” that connect passengers between spoke cities, Avelo flies its Customers nonstop between its three “bases” and the destinations served by those three airports. In addition to Orlando, Avelo operates bases at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) and HVN.

The airline has dedicated airplanes, Pilots, Flight Attendants and maintenance teams based at BUR, HVN and MCO. In contrast to the hub & spoke carriers, Avelo flights start and end every day at their respective base, providing Crewmembers with an enhanced quality of life that enables them to sleep at home every night rather than in hotels (which is typically the case at hub & spoke airlines).

Avelo’s base model also allows mechanics to inspect every aircraft every evening when it returns to its respective base, contributing to the airline’s industry-leading reliability. In fact, since launching 14 months ago, Avelo has cancelled less than 1% of its flights. Lastly, the absence of hubs eliminates the risk of Avelo Customers missing their connection (because there are no flight connections to miss), or having their bag delayed or lost at a connecting hub (which is where most bags are mishandled).

A Different, Better and More Affordable Travel Experience


Amidst the crowds, long lines, lengthy walks and traffic congestion encountered at most major airports, Avelo primarily serves smaller, secondary airports. These airports are typically more convenient and offer a refreshingly smooth, quick and simple hometown airport experience.

At Avelo, there are no change or cancellation fees. Additionally, Avelo offers several unbundled travel-enhancing options that give Customers the flexibility to pay for what they value, including priority boarding, checked bags, carry-on overhead bags, and bringing a pet in the cabin.

Additionally, the fuel-efficient American-made 737 jetliners Avelo operates offer a more spacious and comfortable experience than the much smaller regional aircraft historically operated at the small secondary airports Avelo primarily serves. Customers may choose from several seating options, including seats with extra leg room, as well as pre-reserved window and aisle seating.

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