SmartLynx increases its leased flights to 75% of its revenue

SmartLynx Airlines has found an attractive niche in the European airline industry – flying its airplanes for other airlines seeking additional capacity and crews. The percentage of flights flown for other airlines has grown to 75% of its total flights.

As a result, the carrier expects to grow its fleet from the current 44 aircraft to 60 by the end of the summer.

The airline issued this statement:

SmartLynx Airlines provides Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance services to help several European airlines deal with a resource crisis caused by the rising passenger numbers, lack of spare parts, and labour shortages. The company currently operates a fleet of 44 aircraft, which is expected to increase to 60 by the end of the summer, making SmartLynx Airlines the operator of the largest aircraft fleet in the Baltic countries.

In most cases, Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance is a short- or medium-term solution so that airlines could ensure the necessary number of flights during the high season. Airlines that have large fleets also use this service when an aircraft has technical problems and a quick solution is needed, which also comes with excellent service. SmartLynx Airlines is currently one of the largest ACMI operators in Europe with a 30% market share, and the largest in Great Britain (69%). The expansion in the British market is due to the fact that, in the wake of Brexit, airlines are short of employees as crews of UK-registered aircraft must have British visas, which is why airlines prefer to lease aircraft with crews.

Using the crisis as an opportunity

The carrier offers other airlines to lease its aircraft, providing aircraft alone, aircraft with crew – pilots and cabin crew members, as well as performing technical maintenance of the aircraft. SmartLynx Airlines is to invest a total of EUR 50 million in new and sustainable technologies this year, which will make it even more efficient in the future.

So far in 2022, leased flights accounted for 75% of SmartLynx Airlines operations, charter flights for 15%, and cargo transportation for 10%. The airline operates from several airports in Europe and Africa.

SmartLynx Airlines aircraft photo gallery: