Due to congestion at Amsterdam, Royal Air Maroc moves some flights to Maastricht and Rotterdam

Royal Air Maroc has made this announcement:

Due to additional airport restrictions imposed by the authorities of Amsterdam Schiphol airport as well as those of nearby airports, our flights AT850 and AT851 to/from Amsterdam will be transferred to Maastricht Airport between July 16th and August 10th , 2022.

Additional measures will be taken if this situation persists beyond August 10th , 2022, to ensure that our customers’ journey go as smoothly as possible during this particular period.

Additionally In response to this situation, and in order to ensure the transport of a maximum of passengers, the flights AT850 and AT851 connecting Casablanca to Amsterdam (in both directions) will be transferred at Rotterdam Airport instead of Amsterdam airport during the period from July 07th to 15th, 2022.

Royal Air Maroc aircraft photo gallery: