Mango loses its licenses

Mango Airlines has lost its operating licenses due to its inactivity in South Africa.

The Air Services Licensing Council on August 3 suspended Mango’s licenses “for a period of two years, effective immediately, as Mango has not operated the licensed air services for an uninterrupted period exceeding 12 months”.

The airline suspended operations on July 27, 2021 and has not been able to find investors to resume operations.

Previously on December 2, 2021 the grounded airline issued this update:

Mango is pleased that the amended business rescue plan has been adopted by creditors and the shareholder. The business rescue practitioner will now proceed to implement the business rescue plan, with the key deliverable being the completion of the process to solicit a preferred bidder to conclude the acquisition of Mango.
The investor process, including the relevant guidelines and process to be followed by interested parties, is available on the Company website in the business rescue tab. It is anticipated that the process to secure a successful bidder, inclusive of concluding the relevant acquisition agreements, will be completed by the end of March 2022.
Mr. Sipho Sono
Business Rescue Practitioner


Mango aircraft photo gallery: