Eurowings sees a rise in business travel, will have 30% more flights in September

Eurowings has made this announcement:

Business travel is back. Against the backdrop of rising demand for business flights, Eurowings is significantly increasing its offer for business travelers and from September will be offering around 30 percent more flights compared to the previous year. This is Eurowings’ response to the strong growth in demand for business destinations such as Vienna, Zurich, London and Milan. At the same time, the Lufthansa subsidiary is expanding the capacity of its BIZclass product on numerous routes.

“We see very clearly that after the end of the summer holidays in some German states, the demand for business flights has increased significantly,” says Eurowings CEO Jens Bischof. “Many business travelers want to attend their meetings in person again and are booking their flights now. Even though we have not yet reached the pre-Corona level, the incoming bookings clearly show us the progressive normalization in this segment as well. We are responding to this with a 30 per cent increase in services and more BIZclass capacity.”

Eurowings is also observing a progressive normalization of the processes on the ground and in the air. For weeks now, the airline has been bringing its passengers to their destinations with a reliability of 99 per cent – a high value widely recognized in the industry.


From its largest base in Düsseldorf, Eurowings serves more than 30 classic business destinations in around ten countries. As part of the expansion of the programme, the highly popular connections to Berlin, Zurich and Milan will be increased with up to 10,000 additional seats on offer. In addition, Eurowings will offer twice-daily connections to Stockholm, Prague, Dresden, Birmingham, Geneva, Lyon and Salzburg. Other business destinations from Düsseldorf include Athens, Belgrade, Bologna, Budapest, Gdansk, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Krakow, Rome, Gothenburg, Graz, London, Lisbon, Linz, Manchester, Marseille, Newcastle and Vienna. In total, Eurowings passengers can choose from more than 100 direct connections from the NRW state capital.


From Cologne/Bonn, Eurowings is particularly increasing its capacity on the highly demanded route to Berlin: for example, more than 6,000 additional seats will go on sale for this route in September. Business travelers will then be able to choose from up to six daily departures to the German capital. In total, Eurowings serves more than 60 direct destinations throughout Europe from Cologne/Bonn, including Stockholm, Athens, Bologna, Budapest, Hamburg, Rome, London, Lisbon, Milan, Munich, Prague, Salzburg, Vienna and Zurich, all of which are important destinations for business travel.


From Hamburg, Eurowings is doubling its services on the route to Amsterdam. The connection to Milan will also be significantly increased. From September, the Hanseatic city will again be connected three times daily with the destinations Vienna and Munich. Eurowings’ services from Hamburg include the important destinations for business travelers Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich, Stockholm, Budapest, Paris, Rome, London, Lisbon, Oslo, Salzburg, Vienna and Zurich. In total, travelers with Eurowings can choose from 50 destinations from Hamburg.


At the Stuttgart base, Eurowings is increasing its offer by more than 150,000 additional seats for business destinations. For example, after the summer break, the connection to Bremen is back in the programme. Eurowings is offering a third more flights on routes to Budapest, Hamburg and Milan. The market leader at Stuttgart Airport offers more than 60 destinations – including business connections to Amsterdam, Athens, Belgrade, Berlin, Rome, Graz, London, Lisbon, Tbilisi and Vienna.


From Berlin, business travelers will have access to a daily Eurowings connection to Stockholm for the first time – making Berlin the fourth direct connection from Germany that Eurowings offers to the Swedish capital. Business travelers from the German capital benefit from the high-frequency connections to Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf and Salzburg with Eurowings. To these destinations alone there are more than 200 flights a week to and from Berlin in the Eurowings flight schedule.

On other news, Eurowings has announced it is adding Currywurst:

A new addition to the Eurowings menu: Eurowings customers can now enjoy hot currywurst during their flight. In keeping with the summer season, the currywurst expands the in-flight product range and can be combined particularly well with crispy French fries with vegan mayo, which have already been available on board since May and are enjoying great popularity: in July alone, more than 4,000 servings of fries were sold on board. All the ingredients of the currywurst are sourced from regional German suppliers. The specialty is available on all flights that are in the air for more than an hour.

Currywurst: Germans’ iconic snack with its own day of honor

Currywurst is one of Germany’s favorite dishes: every year, around 800 million servings are eaten nationwide. The iconic snack is so popular, in fact, that Currywurst Day is celebrated across the country in its honor on September 4. The sausage is more commonly found in stadiums, outdoor pools and snack bars – Eurowings is pleased to be the only German airline to now offer its customers the popular classic sausage dish on board in addition to the “Fries in the Skies”. Customers can order a currywurst for 7.50 euros.

New sustainable packaging for sandwiches on board

In addition to the currywurst, Eurowings offers its guests many other attractive snacks above the clouds, so there is something for every taste. At the same time, Germany’s leading leisure airline is focusing more and more on sustainability. For example, the sandwiches offered by Eurowings are now available in fully recyclable packaging. The “Nature-flex” film made of renewable raw materials is fully compostable and biodegradable. Its introduction on board avoids several tons of plastic waste per year.

Eurowings aircraft photo gallery: