MNG Airlines gets its second A330-300 P2F

MNG Airlines has made this announcement:

MNG Airlines, which holds a significant share of the air cargo industry in Turkey, is looking to use its experience to expand its services and flight network. After having converted Turkey’s first passenger-to-freighter (P2F) aircraft last year, MNG Airlines has completed the conversion of its second aircraft and TC-MCN is ready to take the skies again with a much higher structural and volumetric payload capacity.

MNG Airlines, which was established 25 years ago, holds a significant share of the air cargo industry in Turkey. In addition to its scheduled flight network, MNG Airlines makes a valuable contribution to the air cargo industry by offering customized services that include flight, cargo, ground handling and warehousing services. Now, MNG Airlines aims to make Turkey stand out in the air cargo market with its fleet of 9 wide body aircraft.

With vision of continuous improvement, MNG Airlines was the first Turkish company to invest in the acquisition and convertion of the A330 aircraft into freighters in December 2020. Turkey’s first converted A330-300P2F left Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW) facility in November, 2021 and joined the MNG Airlines’ fleet as TC-MCM. Since then, it has completed nearly 3000 flight hours and carried over 12000 tons of cargo in the last 9 months to maintain a sustainable network between China-Türkiye and Europe. The second A330-300, TC-MCN was sent to EFW for the same P2F conversion process. The passenger-to-freighter conversion took 7 months from February to September 2022. TC-MCN is already scheduled to begin commercial operations in mid September.

MNG Airlines aircraft photo gallery: