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Baltia Air Lines hopes to launch in the second quarter

Baltia Air Lines’ (New York-JFK) President, Igor Dmitrowsky, stated today, “Significant progress has been made in the FAA Air Carrier Certification document process and that Baltia is anticipating a second quarter launch. The documentation phase of the certification has been an extremely involved process and the accomplishments made to date are the result of hard work put in by our dedicated staff.”  Mr. Dmitrowsky further stated, “There are still other pre-launch certification tasks to be accomplished such as the completion of the Safety Attribute Inspection audit process of the manuals, the completion of maintenance on our newly acquired Boeing 747 aircraft, the training of our crewmembers, and the mini evacuation test and proving flights, which should all be completed prior to our inaugural flight.”

Baltia has been in the formation process for years and plans to operate its Boeing 747s between New York (JFK) and St. Petersburg, Russia.



Baltia Air Lines acquires its second Boeing 747

Baltia Air Lines (New York) announced it has purchased a long-range Boeing 747-400 passenger aircraft from Kalitta Air. Northwest Airlines formerly operated this aircraft. This is Baltia’s second Boeing 747.

Baltia is proposing to operate between New York (JFK) and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Baltia Air Lines registers its first Boeing 747-400

Baltia Air Lines (New York-JFK) is issuing a press release for every step in its long drawn-out ramping up process as a new would-be airline. It has now registered its first Boeing 747-400. It has reserved the registration mark of N705BL but no other details are known (further details are welcome).

Press release:

Baltia Air Lines takes delivery of its first Boeing 747-400

Baltia Air Lines (New York-JFK) has finally taken delivery of its first Boeing 747-400. The upstart is coming one step closer to becoming a real airline. The new airline intends to start service on the New York (JFK)-St. Petersburg (Russia) route (which can be very seasonal).

Press release:

Here is what the new airline will look like:

Baltia Air Lines signs LOI for Boeing 747

Baltia Air Lines (New York-JFK) has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for a Boeing 747. The proposed paper airline may be setting a new record for the duration of its start-up process.

Press release:

Baltia Air Lines to start New York-St. Petersburg, Russia in June

Baltia Air Lines (New York-JFK), formed by Latvia-born Igors Dmitrovsks, now plans to finally launch Boeing 747-400 service between JFK and St. Petersburg, Russia in June 2009.  It is also considering service to Kiev, Minsk, Moscow and Riga although the current economic situation may contain the company’s plans.