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California Pacific gets another chance, the FAA resumes its application review

California Pacific Airlines (Carlsbad) is getting another chance. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has informed the prospective airline that it is again restarting its review process of its airline application for a Part 121 AOC. Previously the FAA had suspended the review due to the Congressionally-mandated sequester budget cuts.

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Copyright Photo: James Helbock/AirlinersGallery.com. Embraer ERJ 170-100LR N760CP (msn 17000006) is the first aircraft for the would-be carrier and will now be used again for the review process.

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California Pacific now delayed by FAA budget cuts under sequestration

California Pacific Airlines (Carlsbad) is still struggling to get airborne as we have previously reported. Following a break through with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on an issue (runway length?) that previously delayed the application for a Part 121 AOC, the FAA has now informed the paper airline that it does have enough personnel to review the application due to budget cuts demanded by Congress under sequestration according to this update by U-T San Diego. The application to fly is now suspended.

Will this would be airline ever get a chance to fly scheduled flights?

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Copyright Photo: James Helbock. Embraer ERJ 170-100LR N760CP (msn 17000006) sits forlornly at the Carlsbad, California base without any place to go.

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California Pacific hires a new CEO, hopes to be airborne by the end of year

California Pacific Airlines (Carlsbad) has hired a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who has recent airline experience. The company has hired John Selvaggio, “who in a 40-plus-year career has navigated through the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) approval process with American Eagle Airlines and Midway Airlines. He was CEO of Song (Delta Air Lines) and in 2007 became CEO of Comair (Delta Connection) (Cincinnati), stepping down in 2008” according to this report by U-T San Diego. The new CEO hopes to get the airline airborne before the end of this year.

California Pacific is currently the only U.S. airline start-up planning to operate jetliners. The paper airline was recently put back to the initial stage in its Part 121 application by the FAA.

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Copyright Photo: James Helbock. Embraer ERJ 170-100LR N760CP (msn 17000006) sits on the tarmac at Carlsbad. The aircraft rental expense for the company is $200,000 per month.

California Pacific asks for an extension from the FAA and the DOT

California Pacific Airlines (Carlsbad) which ran passed its deadline for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 121 certification and the Department of Transportation (DOT) deadline to start scheduled services has asked for an extension from both agencies as the paper airline continues to fill the required critical positions. The company has refiled its paperwork. According to this report by the U-T San Diego the investors have already spent $10 million trying to get the new airline flying including the monthly $200,000 rent on its sole aircraft (above).

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Copyright Photo: Ton Jochems. Embraer ERJ 170-100LR N760CP (msn 17000006) sits on the tarmac at Carlsbad.

The FAA delays the launch of California Pacific Airlines

California Pacific Airlines (Carlsbad) has been delayed in its Part 121 certification process according to this report by U-T San Diego. The process has reportedly been brought back to the preliminary stages for an Air Operators Certificate (AOC) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) according to the report. One of the issues appears to be whether the Embraer 170 can safely operate on Carlsbad’s short runway.

The McClellan–Palomar Airport is a public airport three miles (5 km) southeast of the city of Carlsbad in San Diego County on the Pacific Ocean. The single runway (6-24) is 4,897 feet long (1,493 meters).

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Copyright Photo: Ton Jochems. The single Embraer ERJ 170-100LR (N760CP) sits unused on the tarmac at Carlsbad.

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California Pacific Airlines now hopes to launch operations at the end of March pending FAA certification

California Pacific Airlines (Carlsbad) now hopes to launch scheduled passenger operations at the end of March pending FAA certification. The new airline plans to operate  from Carlsbad (located between San Diego and the Los Angeles area) to Oakland, Sacramento, and San Jose, Phoenix, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, and later to Cabo San Lucas in Baja, Mexico.

Copyright Photo: Ton Jochems. California Pacific’s first 72-seat Embraer ERJ 170-100LR (N176EC, msn 17000006) was accepted on July 2, 2012. N176EC was previously operated by now defunct Cirrus Airlines as D-ALIA. The airliner has since been re-registered as N760CP, after the local telephone area code. N760CP is seen at the McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, California on the Pacific Ocean coast.

California Pacific wave logo

California Pacific name logo

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Projected Route Map:

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Please click on the map for the full size view.

California Pacific’s first Embraer 170 is being painted at Kansas City

California Pacific Airlines’ (CP Air) (Carlsbad) first Embraer ERJ 170 is being painted at Kansas City. If accepted, the first aircraft will be delivered late this month or in early July. The new airline is awaiting its AOC.

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California Pacific makes progress, hopes to have its first Embraer 170 in the next 60 days


California Pacific Airlines (CP Air) (Carlsbad), the latest airline start-up, is making progress according to their team. According to an airline representative, CP Air has been adding maintenance staff for the anticipated arrival of its first Embraer ERJ 170 in the next 60 days. On the regulatory front, the new paper airline continues to work with the FAA to refine its operations manuals and training programs which will lead to a Part 121 AOA.

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Projected Route Map:

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California Pacific hopes to get its first two Embraer 170s by April, passes first phase of FAA certification

California Pacific Airlines (Carlsbad) is moving ahead in its Part 121 FAA certification process and hopes to take delivery of its first two Embraer ERJ 170s by April.

Logo: The color scheme is evolving with the introduction of this new type style (above) and a new logo (below):

The upstart issued the following statement:

“California Pacific, the nation’s newest start-up airline, has passed all requirements for Phase I of the Federal Aviation Administration’s certification process.

“This is an important milestone for FAA certification, which is one of the most stringent in the world of commercial aviation,” said Founder and CEO Ted Vallas. “Our staff, which combined has more than 300 years of commercial aviation experience, has worked diligently over the past two years to get to this point.”

Once certified, CPAir will operate from Carlsbad’s Palomar Airport, located 30 miles north of San Diego’s Lindbergh Field. The new airline is applying to fly a number of daily non-stop flights to San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

“We have leased our first two planes, Embraer 170s, which should arrive in the spring so we can begin flight-crew training,” Vallas said. “We’ll begin with the twin-jet, 70-passenger planes, and later add at least three more planes, possibly upgrading to the Embraer 190. One of the great features for our passengers will be a comfortable two-by-two seating configuration.”

The Embraer 190 is much the same as the E-170, except it has more passenger and baggage capacity, as well as bigger engines.

From 1980 to 1997, Vallas owned and operated Air Resorts, a scheduled and charter airline. Air Resorts flew from San Diego’s Lindbergh Field, serving Las Vegas, Tucson, Burbank, as well as provided charter service a number college athletic teams.”

This is the image of the first version of the color scheme:

Projected Route Map:

California Pacific hopes to launch in early 2012

California Pacific Airlines (Carlbad) is targeting “early 2012” as its prospective launch date with three Embraer ERJ 170s. The upstart recently hired former Skybus/Delta executive Lawrence “Bud” Sittig to get the airline certified and in the air.

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