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Greenland Express drops all plans to resume operations this year

Greenland Express L-410 (Greenland Express)(LR)

Greenland Express (Aalborg) last operated a passenger flight on September 18, 2014 with Fokker 100s leased from Denim Air. The company had been in negotiations with BH Air to operate an Airbus A320 this summer. As the season in Greenland now starts to close, the virtual airline has now issued this statement:

Greenland Express logo (large)-1

Dear Greenland Express Air traveler

It is with the deepest regret we have to announce that all flights between Greenland and Denmark have been cancelled for the remainder of 2015. Unfortunately, this means that we are not able to provide the transport service, you have bought from us.

All paid amounts for bought tickets are refunded as soon as possible, and directly from the credit card companies or banks, which was originally used to process your payment.
Greenland Express Air is working to provide sustainable solutions to the challenges, which, at present, prevent us from executing our schedule this year. As soon as these challenges has been overcome, we shall provide a more detailed explanation to our customers.

Greenland Express Air deeply regret the inconvenience the cancellations causes our passengers.

Kind regards,

Greenland Express Air

Top Image: Greenland Express. The carrier had also been planning to operate domestic flights with 19-seat Let L-410 Turbolet aircraft.

Greenland Express aircraft slide show: AG Airline Slide Show

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Greenland Express to launch operations in the spring

Greenland Express ERJ 190-100 (14)(Flt)(Airline)(LR)

Greenland Express (Greenland Express Air) is a new airline that expects to launch scheduled passenger operations in March or April. Denim Air will operate an Embraer 190 for the new airline. The up-start has merged with Air Arctic and Eyjaflug.

On December 16, 2013 the company issued this statement:

Greenland Express/Air Arctic hooking up through stakes

The basic idea of Greenland Express is to provide affordable traffic between Greenland, Denmark and other destinations in the North Atlantic markets, while Air Arctic will be the perfect provider of connections between our hub in Greenland and domestic destinations in this country, says Gert Brask, Greenland Express.

We have solidified our cooperation by taking stakes in each-others companies. Air Arctic thus now holds 40 percent of the shares in Greenland Express while my holding company retains 60 percent in Greenland Express as well as one-third in each of the two companies held by Air Arctic through fresh capital brought in by Air Arctics investors in Iceland and USA, says Mr Brask.

As earlier reported by newstodate, Greenland Express is to launch flights from spring 2014 with wet-leased Denim Air Embraer 190 aircraft operating on the basis of the Dutch carrier’s AOC that is immediately valid in all EU countries while still awaiting the Dutch authorities’ clearing for Arctic operations.

At the same time, Air Arctic is working on a new business plan including implementation of a fleet program comprising new ATR aircraft as well as larger jet aircraft for ACMI and charter services offered in the European market.

This was followed the next day with this announcement:

The Dutch CAA has now amended the Dutch carrier Denim Air’s AOC to allow for arctic operations.

Denim Air will provide flights for Greenland Express with an Embraer 190 aircraft capably of operating the North Atlantic routes connecting Greenland and Denmark as well as other points in the region within a route network yet to be announced.
Prior to this, Greenland Express has also obtained all other pertinent permits and commercial rights required to approach the market.

According to its website, the airline is planning the following routes:

First flights to Denmark, then the rest of the world.

The first flights will begin this summer season between:

  • Copenhagen – Keflavik
  • Keflavik – Copenhagen
  • Aalborg – Keflavik
  • Keflavik – Aalborg
  • Aalborg – Kangerlussuaq
  • Kangerlussuaq – Aalborg
  • Copenhagen – Narsarsuaq – Kangerlussuaq
  • Aalborg – Narsarsuaq
  • Aalborg – Narsarsuaq – Kangerlussuaq
  • Narsarsuaq – Aalborg
  • Keflavik – Kangerlussuaq
  • Kangerlussuaq – Keflavik
  • Keflavik – Narsarsuaq
  • Narsarsuaq – Keflavik
  • Narsarsuaq – Kangerlussuaq
  • Kangerlussuaq – Narsarsuaq
  • Aalborg – Copenhagen
  • Copenhagen – Aalborg
  • Kangerlussuaq – Copenhagen

Image: Greenland Express.

Greenland Express logo