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Would you like to be a “Guest Editor” on World Airline News?

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Would you like to be published in World Airline News? Our growing free online airline news website is looking for additional writers, i.e. “Guest Editors”, who would like to have their articles and stories published online. We cannot compensate you for your article but getting published in WAN is a great way to get noticed by a large audience and a rapidly growing readership.

We are looking for the following article ideas:

1. Travel adventures and your airline experiences: Tell us about how your last airline travel adventure went, good or bad (with photos). The longer the trip, the better. However small virtually unknown airlines in exotic locations are also wanted.

2. A new and innovative idea on how to improve airline service or airport operations.

3. An airline profile for a current or historical airline (with photos, or using our photos).

4. An article on a certain airliner type (your favorite airliner) (with photos, or using our photos).

5. What it is like to be a pilot, flight attendant, ramp worker, flight dispatcher, maintenance worker or manager etc. (tell us the inside story of your part of the airline industry).

6. A great video about flying, airline operations or working at an airport.

7 Or, any great idea you have for an entertaining article.

If you are interested, please contact:

Bruce Drum


World Airline News


Thank you.

Announcing our new “Guest Editor” program

We are happy to announce our new “Guest Editor” program which will regularly feature special articles and columns right here in this World Airline News blog from other authors.

The first, Joel Chusid’s Airline Corner, will debut tomorrow (February 24) right here on this airline news blog. Joel, formerly with Airliners Magazine, will regularly report on the light look of the airline industry in his special column.

Joel Chusid has spent a lifetime in the world of airlines, as an executive at both an American domestic carrier and two Asian airlines. He is Chairman of the Association of Travel Marketing Executives. Joel’s perspectives on the industry reflect his experience and sense of humor. Enjoy this light look at an industry that’s forever changing.

Note: Joel welcomes articles in the same vein as the column! Send them to him at jmchusid@aol.com.

Are you looking for a publisher for your special airline or aircraft article or column? Do have a special airline or aircraft article you would like to publish? If you would like to consider us as your place to freely publish your feature article or produce a regular column please contact us at airlinersgallery@gmail.com. All ideas will be considered.

Thank you.

Bruce Drum

Publisher and AG Curator