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Kam Air denies it is leaving Afghanistan

Kam Air (Kabul) issued this statement:

Kam Air Company’s announcement in connection with the published news about the transfer of this company’s aircraft to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Recently, news has been published on some TV channels and internet news sites about the transfer of 3 aircraft of the company to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which are baseless and in fact incomplete news.

Everyone knows that in the past few days, due to recent incidents and developments in the country, all the systems of Afghanistan’s real aviation services in Kabul international airfield have been disrupted and the control of the field is in the hands of foreign forces.

On Thursday, August 26, 2021, according to security warnings and high threats of terrorist attacks in Kabul International Airfield, the state of emergency and military field was declared, followed by 3 aircraft of Kam Air Company, which was intended to meet. Kabul international air field was not allowed to sit.

According to the request of the Kam Air Leadership, the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran issued the temporary meeting to provide the security of Kabul Airfield for the aircraft of this company, which Kam Air Company is a human sense and the friendly and brotherly cooperation of the Islamic Republic of Iran officials in this.

The feeling degree expresses appreciation and gratitude. Unfortunately, a number of media and reporters have tried to publish news far from reality, without contacting the officials of Kam Air Company, that publishing such news has disturbed people’s minds.

Considering the current serious security threats in Kabul International Airfield, Kam Air Company has temporarily avoided stopping its active airplanes in Kabul and after regulating the real estate aviation services in Afghanistan, as in the past, its flights in the internal and external sector.

It begins. Kam Air Mahith is a national company belonging to the people of Afghanistan and never intends to stop air transportation services to the people of Afghanistan and all the offices of this company are active in Kabul and provinces.

Thanks Kam Air Company

All photos by the airline.

Kam Air fleet:

Kam Air suspends operations after 11 crew members are killed

Kam Air (Kabul) suspended all operations after a tragic and violent attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Bagh-e-Bala section of Kabul. 11 crew member were killed by the Taliban who stormed the hotel. All were foreign workers for the airline. Three other people were reportedly killed. The siege ended after 13 hours.

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Will foreign pilots and other crew members now be willing to come to war-torn Afghanistan after this deadly attack?

All photos by Kam Air.

Kam Air aircraft slide show:

Kam Air to transition to an all-Airbus A320 fleet

Kam Air (Kabul, Afghanistan) has announced it will retire and change its Boeing fleet to an all-Airbus A320 fleet. The airline posted this short statement:

Kam Air plans to introduce a fleet of all Airbus A320 aircraft only to replace its existing Boeing fleet.The project to be completed in 6 months.

Top Copyright Photo: Paul Denton/AirlinersGallery.com (all others by Kam Air). Boeing 747-281F 4L-TZS (msn 24576) is pictured at Sharjah wearing a 2012 livery.

Kam Air aircraft slide show: AG Slide Show

Kam Air current fleet:

Kam Air fleet

Kam Air Fleet Photos

Kam Air A320 poster

Route Map:

Kam Air 11.2014 Route Map

Video TV commercial (in Afghan):

Safi Airways, Ariana and Kam Air are banned from the EU

Safi Airways, Ariana Afghan Airlines and Kam Air (all Kabul) have been banned by the European Commission from flying in EU airspace due to safety concerns. The EU banned all airlines from Afghanistan.

Copyright Photo: Gerd Beilfuss. Please click on the photo for additional information.