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Norwegian had 1.4 million passengers in November

In November, Norwegian had 1.4 million passengers, an increase of 37% compared to November last year. The load factor was 79.5% and routes to beach destinations in Southern Europe were particularly popular with a load factor of close to 90 percent from Norway.

Norwegian had 1,374,828 passengers in November, up 37 percent from November last year. The load factor in November was 79.5 percent. The capacity (ASK) was 2,122 million seat kilometres, while actual passenger traffic (RPK) was 1,686 million seat kilometres. In November, Norwegian operated an average of 64 aircraft and 99.7 percent of the scheduled flights were completed. Punctuality, as measured by the number of flights departing within 15 minutes of scheduled time, was at 90.3 percent in November.

Continued solid demand for air travel

“We are well positioned to respond to seasonal variations. We have adjusted our capacity to meet the lower demand during the winter season and have hedged a total of 15 percent of our estimated fuel consumption for 2023. Looking ahead, we continue to see a pent-up demand for air travel, especially to sunny beach destinations. We recently launched several new routes to destinations across Europe, and we are eager to welcome both passengers and new colleagues during what we expect to be a busy summer of 2023,” said Karlsen.

Norwegian is Norway’s largest airline and one of Europe’s leading low-cost carriers. Norwegian has 4,000 employees and is increasing its staff with additionally 750 employees across the company’s bases in the Nordics and in Europe for the summer of 2023. For the summer of 2023, Norwegian plans for a fleet increasing to 85 aircraft. This will allow Norwegian to offer more departures on the most popular routes, giving the customers even more flexibility as they plan their travels. Norwegian currently has 239 routes for sale in the summer period, running from March to October 2023.

Top Copyright Photo: Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norwegian.com) Boeing 737-86N WL LN-NOQ (msn 32658) (Kristian Birkeland) PMI (Ton Jochems). Image: 959602.

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Talks between Norwegian Air Norway (NAN) and the Norwegian Pilot Union (NPU) break down

Norwegian Air Norway (Norwegian Air Shuttle) (Oslo) is a subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Norwegian Air Shuttle recently transferred its first aircraft (Norwegian registered LN-DYY, msn 39012) to the Irish registry according to Skyliner Aviation. The Boeing 737-8JP was reregistered on the Irish registry as EI-FHA on February 17. Ireland is part of European Union. Under Ireland, Norwegian registered aircraft will be able to operate on more European routes due to the prevailing bilateral restrictions from Norway to the EU.

In February 2014, Norwegian Air Shuttle’s Irish subsidiary, Norwegian Air International, received its Air Operators Certificate (AOC). The AOC issued in Ireland gives the company future traffic rights to and from the European Union. Norwegian Air International is seeking rights to operate the Boeing 787s to the United States and theoretically replace Norwegian Long Haul.

The Norwegian Long Haul Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners (currently operating on long range routes) are also registered in Ireland. Norwegian Long Haul however has a separate Norwegian AOC with the IATA code of DU.

All aircraft operate under the “Norwegian” brand.

According to News in English (from Norway) the pilots are striking because airline management wants to “cut their pensions, pay and insurance benefits”. According to the report, the pilots are “fighting for a permanent collective bargaining agreement with Norwegian Air’s parent company, Norwegian Air Shuttle.” The union also fears the company will try to replace them with cheaper crews from crewing agencies or possibly declare bankruptcy.

Read the full full report: CLICK HERE

Meanwhile Norwegian Air Norway (Oslo) issued this statement:

Norwegian regrets that it was not possible to reach an agreement in mediation between the subsidiary Norwegian Air Norway (NAN) and the Norwegian Pilot Union (NPU). Norwegian’s goal remains to implement this weekend flights so far as is possible when a limited number of pilots have been on strike in the first round.

Norwegian had before the mediation proposed several completely necessary cost savings to ensure a sustainable business and future jobs. Unfortunately, the NPU / Parathyroid did not comply with these requirements but instead presented a claim that goes in the wrong direction relative to the agreements reached at the previous hearing in 2013. NPU demand the right to control the Norwegiankoncernen, collective agreements with a company they are employed in, and that the Norwegian collective agreement shall also apply outside Norway. Norwegian could not accept the requirement for koncernansenitet for NAN pilots, ie ansenitet in a company they are employed in. In practice, it would have given Scandinavian pilots the opportunity to oust colleagues at the other bases in Europe.

We really regret the uncertainty being created among our passengers. Our goal has always been to avoid a strike and get a solution and peace in the company. Now we will do what we can to take care of the passengers in the best possible way, says Norwegian’s CEO Bjørn Kjos.

The conflict comes for Norwegian Scandinavian subsidiary Norwegian Air Norway (NAN). This means that long routes between Scandinavia / UK and USA / Asia runs as usual. The bases in England, Finland and Spain are also not directly concerned.

Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best/AirlinersGallery.com. Registered in Norway, Boeing 737-86N LN-NOQ (msn 32658) departs from London (Gatwick).

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Norwegian Air Shuttle swings to a second quarter loss

Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norwegian.com) (Oslo) reported a second quarter net loss of $21 million (NOK134 million). This reverses a gain in the same quarter a year ago.

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Copyright Photo: Richard Vandervord. A beautiful climb-out of Boeing 737-86N LN-NOQ (msn 32658) at London (Gatwick). Norwegian is now speeding up the replacement of its older Boeing 737-300 fleet with the brand new 737-800s.