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Nolinor selects Pan Am Academy in Miami as a pilot training partner for its new Boeing 737-800s

2020 "Montreal Alouettes" CFL team livery

Pan Am Flight Academy has made this announcement:

Following the recent acquisition of its first Boeing 737-800, leading carrier, Nolinor Aviation, conducted extensive research to find a training center that could deliver quality training services for their pilots. After their market analysis, the airline unhesitatingly selected Pan Am Flight Academy located in Miami, Florida.

This relationship of trust between the established aviation training organization and the carrier began 15 years ago when Nolinor Aviation selected Pan Am Flight Academy for the training of their pilots for its Boeing 737-200 fleet.

In 2019 Nolinor Aviation executed the purchase of the only Boeing 737-200 simulator available on the market from Pan Am Flight Academy. Following the acquisition of the full flight simulator, Nolinor proceeded to hand over the management of the simulator to the experienced team at Pan Am Flight Academy.

Nolinor Aviation pilots will be able to carry on with their regularly scheduled training at the Pan Am Flight Academy facilities in Miami.

Note: The 737-800s are operated as OWG.

Commenced operations on December 18, 2020

Above Copyright Photo: OWG (Off We Go) – Hola Sun Boeing 737-408 C-GGWX (msn 24804) YYZ (TMK Photography). Image: 952337.

Top Copyright Photo: Nolinor Aviation Boeing 737-2R4C C-GNLW (msn 23130) (Montreal Alouettes – Toujours Game) YYZ (TMK Photography). Image: 954339.

Nolinor aircraft slide show:

OWG commences charter operations

Commenced operations on December 18, 2020

OWF (Off We Go) (subsidiary of Nolinor Aviation) yesterday (December 18) officially launched its inaugural flight from Montréal (Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport) to Toronto (Pearson) and on to Abel Santamaría Airport (SNU) in Cuba.

The new airline is is planning to operate three Boeing 737-400s (C-GGWF, C-GGWV and C-GGWX).

The new airline is partnering with Hola Sun Holidays and Caribesol.ca to offer flights to sunny destinations, especially in Cuba.

This new and strategic alliance will allow Hola Sun Holidays (as well as its sister company Caribe Sol in Quebec) to offer direct and dedicated flights to Cuba on board Boeing 737-400s.

Other destinations include Cayo Coco, Holguin, Santa Clara and Varadero.

The upstart discusses its strategy:

In recent years, different categories of airlines have emerged. After a lengthy look at the profile of each of these categories, we have come to the conclusion that OWG is not a LOW COST or ULTRA LOW COST type airline.

The vision of these airlines is to reduce an air transport service to its simplest components. We at OWG believe that no matter what fare formula is in place, the priority must remain to provide an experience, and to do so, our passengers must be at the heart of our priorities. Our vision is to give you a hefty dose of love and that’s why OWG is an airline in the HIGH LOVE category.

We know that your personal satisfaction is measured by the gap you perceive between the height of your expectations and the reality of your experience. In other words, one is only truly satisfied when the actual experience exceeds original expectations.

This is why it is important to us that each travel experience exceeds your expectations. There is a force that lives within the OWG team: the force of providing a positive flight experience. We have a fresh eye, an abundance of creativity, and an insatiable curiosity. The entire team shares this energy and makes sure we have a positive outlook towards the challenges we need to overcome to improve every traveller’s experience.

Top Copyright Photo (all others by the airline): OWG (Off We Go) – Hola Sun Boeing 737-408 C-GGWX (msn 24804) YYZ (TMK Photography). Image: 952337.