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Historical Flight Foundation’s Douglas DC-7B N836D flies again!

Copyright Photo: Roger Jarman/Historical Flight Foundation.

Historical Flight Foundation (Opa-locka) today (July 4) flew its Douglas DC-7B N836D (msn 43545) for the first time after the careful restoration. The propliner is painted in the Eastern Air Lines’ 1940 livery.

The foundation is flying the classic propliner to Oshkosh on Saturday, July 24. Seats available for the trip. Membership is required ($250.00) and the flight cost is $1250.00 per person.

On Wednesday, July 28, the HFF will have a special flight, scheduled to carry Mr. Randy Babbitt, FAA Administrator, Captain Sully Sullenberger, and his F.O. Jeff Skiles around the Oshkosh area.

After Airventure 2010, N836D will continue to Thunder Over Michigan (Ypsilanti)  and on to Teterboro Airport. At both of those locations, HFF will be conducting local area flights (one hour flights for $300.00). HFF members are allowed to fly on flights between cities as well. You may book rides on our website by clinking on http://hffshop.com/bookmyflight.html .

The DC-7B operates under two permits, one is the HFF, Part 91 exemption, and the other as a Part 125 under the Operation Specifications of Florida Air Transport.

The HFF can make the airplane available for your event by contacting, Roger Jarman at  roger@historicalflightfoundation.com . The HFF website  is located at www.n836d.com.

Watch the restored first flight on YouTube:


Copyright Photo: Roger Jarman/Historical Flight Foundation.

Historical Flight Foundation’s Douglas DC-7B N836D receives FAA permission to fly

Historical Flight Foundation, Inc. (HFF) (Opa-locka) has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authority to operate its restored Douglas DC-7B N836D (msn 43545) which is painted in the 1940 Falcon colors of Eastern Air Lines (later Eastern Airlines). The FAA granted an exemption to Historical Flight Foundation to operate the classic airliner effective March 23, 2010.

According to the press release, “The FAA finds that a grant of exemption would be in the public interest and would provide an equivalent level of safety to that provided by current regulation.”

The HFF is unique in that its Douglas Aircraft Company DC-7B aircraft represents the only U.S. based, four engine, passenger propliner in operation today. With the advent of jet aircraft, most of the DC-7B aircraft disappeared from commercial airline service by the early 1970’s. The majority of the DC-7 were simply scrapped as they were seen as being un-economical to operate. In this unique case, the aircraft being operated by the HFF was still in its original passenger configuration as delivered to Eastern Air Lines in January 1958. Of the 112 DC-7 aircraft produced, this is the only surviving passenger configuration aircraft.

Signed: John W. McGraw, Acting Director, Flight Standards Service

The HFF sincerely appreciates the great effort on the part of the FAA to promote the living history program it has been approved for. The HFF is an IRS certified 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. The airplane will be touring the continental USA in the years ahead creating a passion for aviation not seen for a long time.We will be taking reservations deposits on a first come first served basis. Contact the HFF for details.

The announcement date for the Christening and Inaugural Flight will be made in the forthcoming weeks.

Roger Jarman, Secretary
Historical Flight Foundation, Inc.
Miami, Florida”

This is a fine organization, please visit their website:


Copyright Photo: Keith Burton. Douglas DC-7B N836D (msn 43545) shines again in the Florida sunshine at Opa-locka (near Miami).

Historical Flight Foundation completes high-speed taxi trials of Douglas DC-7B N836D

Historical Flight Foundation, Inc. (Opa-locka) yesterday (March 14) completed two successful high-speed taxi trials at OPF. Captain Frank Moss Captain Blonco and Carlos Gomez completed the trials on Douglas DC-7B N836D (msn 45345). The organization is hoping to get the graceful airliner back in the skies in time for the rest of 2010. FAA approval is expected this week for a Part 91 Exemption to conduct “living history” flights. The airliner has been lovingly restored in the old 1940 colors of Eastern Air Lines.

Previous owner Legendary Airliners donated the Eastern DC-7B to the Historical Flight Foundation, Inc. Legendary Airliners was shut down in 2009.

For more information please visit the HFF website at www.n836d.com