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Ryanair vs Aer Lingus battle takes to Twitter: Is this the ultimate “airline photobomb”?

Aer Lingus-Ryanair Photobomb #1

Aer Lingus-Ryanair Photobomb #2

The everlasting rivalry between Ireland’s two major carriers, Aer Lingus (Dublin) and Ryanair (Dublin), erupted into action again this week with the two airlines exchanging blows over Twitter. Well, we say “blows”, more like witty banter.

It all kicked off when flag carrier Aer Lingus pointed out that a photo of one of it’s own aircraft had been used in an advertisement of the low-cost carrier, Ryanair (above).

In response to this, a follower of the airline asked the question on everyone’s mind: do the two airlines actually hate each other?

Aer Lingus responded by tweeting “Just some healthy rivalry. Isn’t that right, ‪@Ryanair”

Ryanair Response on Twitter

However, Ryanair saw this as a challenge and swiftly responded (above) with a harsh uppercut to their rivals. Tweeting “We stopped being rivals in the 90s ‪@AerLingus. We’d have to treble our fares & lose 81m customers to be your rival ‪#EuropesNo1”


Aer Lingus ended the exchange with a simple “‪@Ryanair‪ Okay, nevermind. #PeaceOut”

The two airlines occasionally exchange banter over the social network but this is one fray that couldn’t go unnoticed.

What’s next in this epic battle? Facebook statuses? Or all out text war? Watch this space.

Report by Assistant Editor Oliver Wilcock from Manchester.

Copyright Photo Below: SPA/AirlinersGallery.com. Now known by us as the “Aer Lingus-Ryanair “Photobomb” Airbus A320″, the real Aer Lingus A320-214 EI-DVM (msn 4634) in the 1963 retro jet scheme arrives at “Ryanair safe” Heathrow Airport.

Aer Lingus aircraft slide show: