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Dutch Antilles Express is barred from flying to Venezuela, will sue INAC

DAE-Dutch Antilles Express (Curacao) has been barred from flying to Venezuela due to safety concerns cited by the INAC. Venezuela is its main market. DAE will take legal action against INAC and will continue operations to other destinations including Miami and Orlando. The airline will also ask the government of Curacao to take similar actions against Venezuelan carriers according to this report by El Universal.

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In other news, DAE is considering upgrading its McDonnell DC-9-83 (MD-83) fleet (operated by Falcon Air) with newer Airbus A319s or A320s. Falcon Air would acquire and operate the new aircraft for DAE.

Top Copyright Photo: Greg Drawbaugh/DRAW Decal. The Fokker 100s will also have to be replaced at some point. Fokker F.28 Mk. 0100 (Fokker 100) PJ-DAA (msn 11310) prepares to depart from St. Maarten. All other images below by DAE.

DAE Fleet (DAE)(LR)

DAE 5:2013 Route Map (DAE)(LR)

DAE-Dutch Antilles Express: AG Slide Show