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Red Wings Airlines is resurrected and resumes operations

Red Wings Airlines‘ (Moscow-Vnukovo) Air Operators Certificate (AOC) has been recertified and the carrier has relaunched operations.

The company issued this statement (translated from Russian):

Federal Air Transport Agency has renewed the certificate of the operator Red Wings to carry commercial passengers and freight. The airline since it was grounded, has added a new CEO. Red Wings has conducted a revision of its aircraft crew training, as well as to address the deficiencies and violations found during the unscheduled inspections at the beginning of this year. Together, the common set of measures taken has allowed Red Wings to provide proof of its readiness to continue its activities. In this regard, the Federal Air Transport Agency has positively reviewed the application of Red Wings for the resumption of its business and commercial passenger and freight traffic from June 17, 2013.

The airline has resumed operations with two Tupolev Tu-204s. Previously the Russian carrier was ground in February 2013 following the crash of flight 9268 with RA-64047 on December 29, 2012 in Moscow.

Copyright Photo: Paul Denton/AirlinersGallery.com. Tupolev Tu-204-100V RA-64043 (msn 1450743164043) prepares to land at the vacation destination of Antalya, Turkey.

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Red Wings Airlines is grounded by the Russian authorities

Red Wings Airlines (Moscow-Vnukovo) had its Air Operators Certificate (AOC) suspended by the Russian authorities today (February 4) due to an audit of the airline by the Russian authorities. The airline came under stronger scrutiny after the recent December 29 crash in Moscow as previously reported. The airline issued this statement (translated from Russian):

On February 4, 2013 the Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia (Rosaviatsia) suspended the Air Operators Certificate (AOC) of our airline. The decision was made ​​based on the inspection of the airline from 10 to January 10-16, 2013. According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, published on their official website, they have been found “numerous significant violations in the organization of flight operations, aircraft maintenance, pilot training and other shortcomings in the airline with systemic problems.” The December 29, 2012 crash is not the cause of the suspension of our airline.  The Commission concluded that Red Wings continues to meet certification requirements. On December 28, 2012 Rostransnadzor completed an audit of our company. The audit identified 18 comments, 2 of them removed during the test. At the moment, the audit removed another 10 comments, of which 6  are being addressed. None of the comments did not prevent the further work of the company. It should also be noted that the airline has not yet received an official certificate from the Federal Air Transport Agency of the unscheduled inspection on the basis of which the decision was taken to suspend the AOC. Once the document is received, the company intends to respond promptly to all complaints of the aviation authority to resume flight operations.

Copyright Photo: Paul Denton. Tupolev Tu-204-100 RA-64019 (msn 1450743164019) lines up to land at Antalya, Turkey.

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Red Wings Airlines’ Tupolev Tu-204 RA-64047 crashes today at Moscow, four dead

Red Wings Airlines‘ (Moscow-Vnukovo) Tupolev Tu-204-100B RA-64047 (msn 1450743164047) crashed today (December 29) while landing at its home base of Vnukovo on a non-revenue flight. RA-64047 was being operated as ferry flight RWZ 9268. The jetliner ran off the end of the runway on landing, crashed into the side of the adjacent roadway (see video below), broke up and caught on fire killing at least four people of the eight on board according to this report by Global News.

Read the full report: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Eurospot. RA-64047 is pictured on final approach to Antalya prior to the tragic crash.

Video: The moment of impact along the airport road was captured on video:

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Red Wings Airlines opens up a new scheduled route to Yekaterinburg

Red Wings Airlines (Moscow-Vnukovo) will open up regularly scheduled flights from Moscow (Vnukovo) to Ekaterinburg (Koltsovo) starting on August 27. Flights will be operated Monday through Friday. Departure from Moscow at 4 pm (1600) and from Koltsovo at 9:40 pm (2140).

Yekaterinburg is the fourth-largest city in Russia with a population of nearly 1.4 million people. The city is situated in the middle of the Eurasian continent, on the border of Europe and Asia.

Copyright Photo: Paul Denton. Red Wings is the largest operator of the Tupolev Tu-204. Tu-204-100B RA-64046 completes its final approach into Antalya, Turkey. 

Red Wings: