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Malaysian Government issues its interim report on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370

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The government of Malaysia, required by international aviation protocols, issued their preliminary report on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 on its one-year anniversary. The report actually does not really increase the knowledge base. It does however clarify some rumors and issues.

According to CNN, “the report revealed that the battery of the underwater locator beacon on MH 370’s flight data recorder expired more than a year before the plane’s disappearance.

The report, citing maintenance records, said that there was no evidence to suggest the battery was replaced before its expiry in December 2012. While such a battery can operate past its expiry date, it said, “it is not guaranteed that it will work or that it would meet the 30-day minimum requirement.”

The battery on the plane’s other so-called black box, the cockpit voice recorder, was replaced as scheduled and remained within its expiry date, the report said.

Investigators interviewed maintenance staff and found that the computerized replacement schedule had not been updated correctly when the flight data recorder, and its locator beacon were replaced in February 2008.”

The investigators also found no unusual signs for the cockpit crew and cabin crew. The captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, according to the report “didn’t have any personal or financial problems that would cast suspicion on him” according to the CNN report.

Read the full report: CLICK HERE

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