DFW’s Founder’s Plaza: Great for aviation


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (Dallas/Worth) encourages individuals and families to come out and watch airplanes landing and taking off at DFW (although somewhat distant) at their beautiful Founder’s Plaza. There are other airports that have dedicated spots for public viewing but the list is unfortunately getting smaller especially in the United States. Some airports have taken the mistaken view that everyone is a bad guy intent on destroying aviation and have closed their public areas. It is a short-sighted approach that only alienates the public from the benefits of aviation. Some airports run off people if they even look at an airplane. If these airport administrators are smart they should enlist the help of aviation enthusiasts and photographers to be their eyes and ears against the real bad guys. Programs like Toronto Pearson’s Airport Watch is a good model to emulate. No one wants to protect aviation more than people who like to look at the wonderful flying machine. Aviation is going to need all of the good will it can muster in the coming years. Remember, people watching airplanes (or wanting to watch) are voters and taxpayers. The public can determine the future of your airport. Does your local airport have a Founder’s Plaza? If not, ask “why not?” politically. Thank you DFW (and others) for being progressive and far-sighted.

Bruce Drum

Link to DFW’s Founder’s Plaza:


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