Both conViasa CRJ700s visit Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood


Copyright Photo: Wade DeNero.

ConViasa (Caracas) recently added two Bombardier CRJ700s (CL-600-2C10s). N230CP (msn 10275) arrived on July 30, 2009 and N259CP (msn 10274) arrived on August 1, 2009. Both were recently seen at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood.


4 thoughts on “Both conViasa CRJ700s visit Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood

  1. Peter

    I actually saw them parked at BDL at the end of September 2009. I imagine they were having maintenance there?

  2. Martial

    Conviasa has now four CRJ700. The two in the picture were c/n 10274 and 10275 which were delivered new direct to Hartford for a short storage. Now they join the two ex. CITGO Petroleum CRJ700 of Conviasa. I think the new two were on delivery flight to Caracas.

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