Syrian claims it is being blocked from Airbus order

Syrian Air (Damascus) through Syria’s transport minister said yesterday (December 28) the United States has rejected a request by France to lift economics sanctions on the sale of Airbus aircraft to Syria. The Obama Administration has stated it wants to improve relations with Damascus. Airbus had offered to lease aircraft to Syrian Air while awaiting the results of the French request according to this article. The U.S. government has previously accused Syria of supporting terrorism and imposed sanctions in 2004 which prohibits Syrian Air flights from entering U.S. air space and banning the export of all U.S. products to Syria except food and medicine. The A320 for example includes U.S.-made products. Syrian Air is now talking to Tupolev about leasing two aircraft.

Syrian Air operates a diverse and aging Boeing and Russian fleet (some awaiting parts) but it also operates seven Airbus A320s.

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Copyright Photo: Gunter Mayer. Airbus A320-232 YK-AKD (msn 1076) taxies at Frankfurt in the 1998 livery.