British Airways to retire the last Boeing 757 (G-CPET) on October 30

British Airways (London) is planning to retire its last Boeing 757-200 from revenue service on October 30, visiting Shuttle cities on the last day. An Ian Allan special enthusiast charter flight from London to Manchester is also being planned for November 6. BA will paint the last 757 in this delivery livery to celebrate over 17 years of faithful service. The last three 757s currently in service are G-CPER, G-CPES and G-CPET (besides those operated by OpenSkies).

Update: Boeing 757-236 G-CPET (msn 29115) entered the paint shop on September 26 and is expected to be rolled out at London (Heathrow) on October 3 in the retrojet color scheme.

Copyright Photo: Vernon Murphy. The first Boeing 757 on the first day of revenue service at Glasgow. The pictured 757-236 G-BIKB (msn 22173) was the first to arrive on January 15, 1983 and entered revenue service on February 8, 1983. G-BIKB also displays the original 1973 livery.