Air Jamaica and Caribbean Airlines to operate under the same “BW” code

Air Jamaica (Kingston) and Caribbean Airlines (Port of Spain) are moving one step closer under their “one airline, two brands” strategy.

Effective July 1, 2011, all Air Jamaica flights will operate under the same “BW” airline code as Caribbean Airlines (the old BWIA code). This means that customers should expect to see Air Jamaica and Caribbean Airlines flights advertised with the BW code followed by respective flight number across all media advertising, airport and booking/ticketing information. For example, Air Jamaica flight JM 79 which operates from Toronto to Kingston will now be displayed as BW 79.

Operating under one “BW” code means that as “One airline, two brands” Caribbean Airlines and Air Jamaica will be able to realize the cost synergies that were anticipated from the onset. In addition to operating under the same flight code, the airlines are moving towards one fleet type for both Caribbean Airlines and Air Jamaica and customers will also notice that front line staff for both carriers will be custom uniformed to represent both brands.

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