AIRES Colombia becomes LAN Airlines Colombia

AIRES Colombia (Aerovías de Integración Regional S.A.) (Bogota) today (December 5, 2011 became LAN Airlines Colombia.

LAN Colombia becomes the fourth affiliate carrier of LAN Airlines (Santiago). This is an important step for LAN in the Colombian market, after LAN acquired AIRES in November 2010, a Colombia-based airline. LAN Colombia adds 23 destinations to the LAN network, including 22 domestic destinations in Colombia and the international destination of Fort Lauderdale, Florida from Bogota.

A year ago, LAN announced the final purchase of 98.942% of the shares in the Colombian airline AIRES. The airline has since implemented operational changes, such as modifications to flight schedules, improving efficiency and ensuring that safety standards, and on-time performance, consistent with LAN’s standards. LAN Colombia has a workforce of 1,750, 23% of domestic market share, and offers the best network of domestic flights within the country with a fleet of 26 aircraft.

Since the acquisition of AIRES, LAN has invested $405 million in the implementation of LAN operational standards, rebranding, as well as fleet updates and expansion, including the incorporation of three new Airbus A320 aircraft.

Copyright Photo: Arnd Wolf. The AIRES brand is now gone.


LAN Airlines South America Route Map: LAN now has the west coast of South America covered. LAN Colombia routes are in purple (click map to make it larger).