We are opposed to PIPA and SOPA


We have joined with many other websites and bloggers to oppose pending legislation in the United States (other countries are also considering similar legislation) that in our opinion (yes, opinions are important in a democracy) would suppress freedom of speech on the web and make if very difficult to continue to inform you on the latest worldwide airline news.

As stated by netCoalition.com, “Hollywood studios and the recording industry are pushing well-intentioned legislation meant to crack down on offshore websites that sell pirated and counterfeited goods. The problem they’re looking to solve is real but the solution doesn’t fix the problem and could severely threatening the technology industry by overturning the laws which helped fuel the tech boom of the last decade and instituting new regulations which would stifle innovation and job creation”.

Flickr also stated the issue perfectly, “two bills are currently being considered in the U.S. Congress: PIPA the “Protect IP Act” and SOPA the “Stop Online Piracy Act.”  Both are designed to address a legitimate problem – foreign-based websites that are engaging in digital piracy and trafficking in counterfeit goods.  Unfortunately, we and many others believe that these bills miss the mark.  These bills have the potential to stifle innovation, require censorship of search results, impose monitoring obligations, and change the way information is distributed on the web.   Government regulation of online activities is a slippery slope and these proposed bills fall down that slope without truly addressing the issues that ignited this debate.”

Users of Flickr (like us) have the option of darkening our images today in protest. We have decided not to darken our images so you may continue to see the images. However we face a dark future if this legislation becomes law.

The editors of Wikipedia (which we support) have decided to blacken out their entire website today in protest of PIPA and SOPA.

If you are a U.S. Citizen you can also get information on how to contact your representatives in congress at protectinnovation.com.

You can also follow the issue via netCoalition.com.

Thank you for your support and readership.

Bruce Drum

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