Air Zimbabwe is now facing possible liquidation

Air Zimbabwe (Harare) is facing new difficulties every day. The last report had the flag carrier getting new aircraft. Now the latest report claims the carrier has been placed under judicial management (bankruptcy) by the High Court of Zimbabwe and could face liquidation if the court decides it is no longer a going concern.

According to the article by Bulawayo 24, Air Zimbabwe Holdings, Air Zimbabwe and the Master of the High Court were cited as first, second and third respondents respectively while National Airways Workers’ Union and Air Transport Union were the applicants for the court action. The airline has reportedly not paid full wages since January 2009.

Read the full article (no, 707s are not being operated): CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best. This Boeing 767-200 was impounded at London’s Gatwick Airport for unpaid bills. The government of Zimbabwe has to pay the unpaid bills in order for the aircraft to be released.