Royal Jordanian to continue flying to Munich

Royal Jordanian Airlines (Amman) has reversed its course concerning dropping Munich on April 19. The airline is now stating it will continue serving MUC.

On February 7, 2012, RJ announced its decision to stop operating to five of its destinations; Al Ain, Brussels and Munich as well as two other destinations in the Gulf not yet announced.

This decision was part of the airline’s intensive actions to reduce the operating costs raised by soaring fuel prices and to offset the decline in tourism as a result of the political situation in the region

Hussein Dabbas, the RJ president, said that the decision to keep Munich on the route network is due to restudying the pattern of RJ’s operation to Frankfurt and Munich as well as the assistance provided by Munich Airport.

Mr. Dabbas added that the operation would consist of two Munich frequencies. The service includes running one weekly direct flight from Amman to Munich on Saturdays and another combined with the service from Amman to Frankfurt on Wednesdays. RJ operates another five weekly direct flights to Frankfurt.

Copyright Photo: Rolf Wallner.

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