Lufthansa is denied deploying the Airbus A380 to Shanghai

Lufthansa (Frankfurt) has reportedly been denied in using its Airbus A380 to fly the Frankfurt-Shanghai route due to a growing dispute between China and the European Union due to the EU’s ETS emissions trading. China is holding up several Airbus orders due to the new tax and has told its airlines not to pay the fee.

The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) also known as the European Union Emissions Trading System, was the first large emissions trading scheme in the world. It was launched in 2005 to combat climate change and is a major pillar of EU climate policy. The EU ETS currently covers more than 10,000 installations with a net heat excess of 20 MW in the energy and industrial sectors which are collectively responsible for close to half of the EU’s emissions of CO2 and 40% of its total greenhouse gas emissions.

Aviation emissions are now included since 2012.

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Copyright Photo: Ton Jochems.

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