United Airlines puts this Boeing 747-400 into charter service

United Airlines (Chicago) has put this Boeing 747-422 registered as N194UA into revenue charter service

United leased the Jumbo as a passenger aircraft to Atlas Air on April 6, 2011. Atlas Air painted the aircraft in their full colors. N194UA returned to United on December 31, 2011. Following a C-check in Beijing, N194UA ferried back to the San Francisco maintenance base. The Jumbo is now being used for charter flights by United and carries these unique “United Charter” titles while still retaining the basic 2000 Atlas Air livery.

N194UA operated its first military charter on March 21, 2012 between McChord Air Force Base and Hahn, Germany.

Copyright Photo: Mark Durbin.

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7 thoughts on “United Airlines puts this Boeing 747-400 into charter service

  1. SSgt Omard Robertson (USAF)

    I flew on this plane from Kuwait International to BWI early May. It was really nice to fly commercial instead of World or Omni airlines. The best flight out the AOR ever!! I hope this plane is available the next time I deploy!!

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  4. Alan

    Saw this jet today (10-08-14) in NE N.J. It was making an approach to EWR, Newark. But, it was heading North, before banking and turning for the approach to supposed runway 22L. Someone said it was the -second- time he did this maneuver. Hopefully, all was well.

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