US Airways carefully makes its case for an American merger, ranks the most profitable hubs

US Airways (Phoenix) is carefully making its case for an American-US Airways merger, claiming AA is very weak in the eastern United States where it is strong, especially in Washington, Philadelphia and Charlotte. In the article by The Street, US Airways president Scott Kirby also rates the most profitable hubs.

US Airways still has its own problems from the last merger between the old US Airways and America West.  It is virtually still two airlines – East and West as there are still two labor groups and two groups of aircraft that still cannot be mixed. US Airways does not have a good track record for managing a merger. This needs to be fixed before they can proceed to another merger.

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Copyright Photo: Jay Selman. Which name and brand would survive a possible merger? American is now a damaged brand (and also out of date) with the bankruptcy and its labor turmoil but it is certainly an iconic name. The US Airways’ brand has been refreshed recently, unlike AA, but also has its share of labor issues with the unresolved issues. At least if American is chosen for the name of a possible merger we will finally see a new look for American after 44 years. Please do not do the United-Continental thing by simply adding an American name to an US Airways livery and calling it new.

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