Hawaiian Airlines introduces ‘Ohana by Hawaiian brand for its ATR 42 regional flights

Ohana by Hawaiian ATR 42 Design

Hawaiian Airlines (Honolulu) has introduced a separate new ‘Ohana by Hawaiian name and brand for its new ATR 42 regional division. Well done Hawaiian! Thank you for your originality in aircraft designs and brands.

The company issued this statement:

A kapa pattern symbolizing ancestry, family and transportation will mark the turboprop aircraft flown by Hawai‘i’s newest interisland operation when ‘Ohana by Hawaiian inaugurates service to Moloka‘i and Läna‘i this summer.

The name and brand identity of the new service, as well as the aircraft design by renowned artist and designer Sig Zane and his son Kuha‘o, were unveiled on February 11 at Honolulu International Airport.

“The name ‘Ohana perfectly captures the idea behind this service and the role it will play in our community. This new service has always been about making it easier for friends and families throughout the islands and from overseas to share time together,” said Mark Dunkerley, President and CEO of Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiary Hawaiian Airlines. “Sig and Kuha‘o Zane’s design weaves the concept of family with symbols for heritage and transportation, acknowledging our proud history as the first company to connect our islands through flight.”

The Hilo-based designers used Hawaiian Airlines’ interisland route map as a basis for the design, and incorporated three kapa patterns: piko, representing ancestor and progeny; manu, representing both a bird in flight and the prow of a canoe, the traditional form of migration; and kalo, representing family.

“Today we invite our ancestors and kupuna to join us as we holoholo between the islands. We celebrate their art and recognize all who have traveled before us,” Zane said. “This symbol of our heritage is now a cherished piece for everyone to see.”

‘Ohana by Hawaiian will launch daily service to Moloka‘i and Lana’i this summer using 48-seat ATR 42 turboprop aircraft operated by Empire Airlines of Idaho.

Ohana by Hawaiian Designers (IN)(LRW)

Copyright Photo: Ivan K. Nishimura/Blue Wave Group. (Left to Right) Hawaiian CEO Mark Dunkerley, livery co-designers Kuha‘o Zane and Sig Zane.


Ohana by Hawaiian Design

Ohana by Hawaiian Design 2

Ohana by Hawaiian Design 3

Ohana by Hawaiian Design 4

Top Image: Hawaiian Airlines: Our fleet of modern, ATR 42 turboprop aircraft evokes some of the magic and nostalgia of a bygone era, soaring along scenic shorelines. Service aboard ‘Ohana’s 48-passenger twin-turboprop aircraft will feature the friendly, world-class service Hawaiian Airlines is famous for, delivered in a lighter, more casual local style.

Hawaiian Airlines: AG Slide Show


2 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines introduces ‘Ohana by Hawaiian brand for its ATR 42 regional flights

  1. Dan


    I would think that there are few that would disagree that the ATR (42 or 72) is by any stretch of the imagination, neither a sexy or attractive pallet upon which to build a corporate image. That said, I must say however that “Ohana by Hawaiian” brand as displayed was so attractive and powerful that I initially lost sight of the ATRs staid lines. Bravo to the designers and artists, an exceptional piece of creative work.

    Maluhia from Canada

  2. RJ sullivan

    Looking forward to flying with them either as a traveler (civilian) or HNL or KOA airline employee. It’d be awesome!

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