Finnair introduces a second Marimekko print Airbus A330-300 logojet, this one for Metsänväki “forest dwellers”

Finnair A330-300 (13-Metsänväki)(Flt)(Finnair)(LR)

Finnair (Helsinki) has introduced a second Marimekko Airbus logojet.

The airline issued this statement today:

The design collaboration between Finnair and Marimekko enters a new phase as Finnair brings textiles and tableware designed by the iconic Finnish design and fashion house to its aircraft starting on May 15. As an emblem of the cooperation, a Finnair Airbus 330 was unveiled today with a blue-forest livery based on the Marimekko print Metsänväki (“forest dwellers”). The plane will fly from Finnair’s Helsinki hub to the airline’s 13 Asian destinations plus New York, joining a sister aircraft painted in Marimekko’s Unikko (“poppy”) print last October.

As part of the collaboration, a selection of Marimekko for Finnair items is also available for purchase, both through in-flight sales and the Finnair PlusShop.

”With our Marimekko cooperation, we want to bring timeless yet modern Finnish design to the travel experience of Finnair customers,” says Anssi Komulainen, Senior Vice President, Customer Service. ”From mid-May onwards, our Business Class customers will enjoy their in-flight meals from tableware tailor-made for Finnair by Marimekko, and Marimekko napkins, blankets, pillows and head rest covers will be introduced during summer. The same classic prints are featured in Economy Class paper cups, headrest covers, fleece blankets and pillows.”

The Marimekko for Finnair collection was designed according to the airline’s needs by Marimekko designer Sami Ruotsalainen in collaboration with Kristina and Emma Isola, in original Marimekko patterns by Maija Isola. The blue, green and grey colors and the classic prints used in the collection tell the story of Finnish nature and the views seen when looking down from an aircraft window.

”The Metsänväki print by Kristina Isola is a strong statement about the Finnish spirit and the forest-inspired energy that makes Finns tick. The print combines the majesty and fairytale-like magic of the Finnish forest. This makes it an ideal greeting from Finland, carried on the blue and white wings of Finnair around the world,” says Minna Kemell-Kutvonen, Creative Director at Marimekko.

Marimekko for Finnair tableware and textiles have been designed to accommodate the special requirements of commercial aviation. The Business Class tableware is made of special light-weight porcelain which helps Finnair reduce aircraft weight, thus contributing to fuel efficiency and a lighter carbon footprint.

The fairytale like Metsänväki (“forest dwellers”) print was created by Maija Isola’s daughter Kristina Isola in 2007. The print is dedicated to dear and faithful friends: to the trees and bushes of the forest, which stay put year after year. Peace and trust are also reflected in the colorings of the design, in shades of green, brown and blue, of which the blue print was a natural choice to celebrate the Marimekko for Finnair partnership.

Image: Finnair.


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