Asiana Airlines’ pilot at San Francisco had only 43 hours in the Boeing 777

NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman SFO (NTSB)(LR)

Asiana Airlines‘ (Seoul) pilot attempting the ill-fated landing at San Francisco on Saturday (July 6) was visiting San Francisco for the first time in a Boeing 777 (he visited SFO in other aircraft in the past). Lee Kang-kuk had previously logged only 43 hours in the Triple Seven before the accident. It is unclear if the senior pilot in the cockpit, Lee Jung-min, who had 3,220 hours in the Boeing 777, attempted to take over the aircraft to abort the landing at the end.

The aircraft was coming in “slow and low” as the now famous plane watcher video now shows (see below in a previous entry) along with data released by the NTSB. NTSB Chairwoman Deborah Hersman (above) said the 777 was “well below” the required air speed of 137 knots on its low approach. The crew finally applied power after receiving the “stick shaker” warning of an imminent stall. It was too late to go around.

The two Chinese teenagers who died in the crash were thrown from the aircraft. Now it has been announced that one of the teenagers was probably run over by a responding fire truck.

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Copyright Photo: NTSB Chariman Hersman briefs (top and video) the media yesterday in San Francisco.

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