Thai Airways International’ Airbus A330-300 HS-TEF skids off the runway in Bangkok, 8 hurt

Thai A330-300 HS-TEF (05)(Apr) BKK (JS)(LRW)

Thai Airways International‘s (Bangkok) Airbus A330-321 HS-TEF (msn 066) while operating flight TG 679 from Guangzhou (CAN) to Bangkok (BKK) (Suvarnabhumi) with 287 passengers and 14 crew members skidded off the runway on landing in Bangkok after the front landing gear failed late last night (September 8). At least 8 passengers were slightly injured during the evacuation (some media reports raise this number to 14).

Read the report from the WSJ: CLICK HERE

Thai issued this statement:

“Thai Airways International Flight TG 679, Guangzhou – Bangkok operated with Airbus 330-300 aircraft departing Guangzhou at 16:03 hrs. (local time) scheduled to arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 23:00 hrs. (local time) experienced incident while landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport. As the aircraft was landing, the landing gear touched the runway, the nose gear failed. As a result, the plane skidded off the runway. The captain took control of the aircraft until it stoped and the passengers were evacuated using slides. The aircraft was carrying 287 passengers and 14 crew members. 8 passengers were slightly injured. Injured passengers were taken care and sent to hospital for medical treatments.”

Copyright Photo: Jay Selman/ HS-TEF approaches BKK for landing before the accident.

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