Iberia introduces a new color scheme

Iberia A330-300 (13)(Flt)(Iberia)(LR)

Iberia (Madrid) today introduced its long-awaited new livery. The pictured new color scheme retires the now famous “IB” logo on the tail.

The first aircraft to wear the new look will reportedly be the fifth new Airbus A330-302 which is expected to become EC-LYF (msn 1437). This new arrival will be delivered at the end of November.

Iberia (2013) logo

Images: Iberia.

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8 thoughts on “Iberia introduces a new color scheme

  1. Oliver

    It’s an okay livery. I would like it better if the text wasnt as condensed and there was a little bit more colour on the fuselage. What do you think Bruce?

    1. Bruce Drum

      Thank you Oliver. Personally I like the current 1977 livery, a classic in my opinion. This is a step backwards I believe. I have set up a poll for everyone to vote on whether they like it or not. Please vote. Thank you.


      1. Oliver

        I think that they should have just modernised the classic livery but maybe they’ll make subtle changes in the near future

      2. Bruce Drum

        Thanks Oliver. They actually submitted this design to Airbus several months ago. They were waiting for labor peace before they unveiled finally on October 15. They had several months to change it but choose to retain the design unchanged. This is now the final design. All the best.


  2. Oliver

    Wow. Guess we’ll har to live with it for a while. But some liveries don’t last too long. Like Delta’s previous colour scheme before the NWA merger. Couple of years and I bet there’s a change
    Looking forward to new news tomorrow

    1. Bruce Drum

      The Delta quick change from 1997 to 2000 was due to a change in CEOs (the new one didn’t apparently like the livery of the past CEO). AA-US is similar although I believe the AA new colors will stick due to number of aircraft already repainted while the merger is battled in court.

      I think the new IB will be around for many years.


      1. Oliver

        I love the new AA brand. I think it will but the original AA stuck but a few tiny changes were made over the years. Maybe this will too. Hope so anyway

  3. Alex B

    I find this new livery very generic looking and it really doesn’t say anything about Spain in my opinion. The previous livery did look dated, but I think they could have updated it instead of completely changing it.

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