Delta paints a Boeing 757 in the 1966 livery for the Delta Flight Museum

Delta Air Lines (Atlanta) has just repainted its Boeing 757-232 registered N608DA (msn 22815) in Atlanta in the “Upright Widget” livery. This color scheme (above) was introduced in 1966 for the fleet and was the longest-running livery for the carrier until the “red dash” color scheme was introduced in 1997.

The aircraft has now been donated to Delta Flight Museum.

Top Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum/ Sister ship Boeing 757-232 N619DL (msn 22909) taxies at Dallas/Fort Worth when it actually wore the 1966 color scheme (slightly altered in 1976). This is the first livery worn by Delta’s Boeing 757-200s.

Delta Air Lines (current livery): AG Slide Show

Delta Air Lines (historic and all other liveries): AG Slide Show

Delta’s Route Map in 1966 (it was barely an international airline):

Delta 1966 Route Map

Delta’s current fleet line-up and number of aircraft in service (Delta Air Lines):

Delta Fleet Part 1

Delta Fleet Part 2

2 thoughts on “Delta paints a Boeing 757 in the 1966 livery for the Delta Flight Museum

  1. Blend Qatipi

    Hi Bruce – seems to me this is the 1976 livery, granted, not a lot of change from the older one but the swoop on the nose was introduced in 1976.

    1. Bruce Drum

      Thanks Blend. Actually I go with the major changes to define the year liveries are introduced rather than the later tweaks like the white downward swoop. You are correct, the photo posted is the later change but it is still the basic 1966 (versus the later 1997) livery in my opinion. Thanks always.


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