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EasyJet today unveils its new livery


EasyJet (easyJet.com) (London-Luton) today (February 3) unveiled its new livery on the pictured Airbus A319-111 G-EZDE (msn 3426). The airline issued this statement:

EasyJet, the UK’s largest airline, has launched a new aircraft livery – the first change to the look of the airline’s iconic white and orange fleet since easyJet.com replaced the call center number on the fuselage in 1998.

There are two main design changes. EasyJet’s trademark orange has been extended from the tail fin on to the fuselage to create a larger space for the easyJet logo which is 15% bigger than before.

Secondly, an orange stripe reflecting the design language of easyJet’s advertising has been introduced on to the fuselage. This enables the easyJet logo to be reversed out of that color – in accordance with brand guidelines – and to give the plane a sleek, more modern look.‎ Finally, the “.com” has been dropped.

The airline currently has a fleet of 226 aircraft – a mixture of Airbus A319s and A320s. The new livery will feature on all new easyJet aircraft deliveries from April 2015. EasyJet has 197 Airbus A320 aircraft on order, the majority of which will replace older A319 aircraft currently in the fleet.

In addition, younger planes in easyJet’s fleet will have the new livery applied when they ‎are scheduled to be repainted, typically every six years. Taken together this means 29 aircraft will be flying with the new look by the end of 2015 and 50% of the fleet will sport the new livery by the end of 2017.

A specialist team is needed to repaint an aircraft which takes around seven days on average.

During easyJet’s 19 year history there have been only two aircraft styles. The first, seen in 1995 on easyJet’s first aircraft, was different to anything else flying as it advertised the booking number along the fuselage in giant lettering. The second, which entered service in 1998, displayed easyJet.com across the fuselage which reflected the important move the airline made to online booking.

Photo: EasyJet (UK).

Video: The painting of the first aircraft by easyJet:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2BGEQ8oyHg&w=560&h=315%5D

EasyJet (UK) aircraft slide show:

AG Bottom Ad Bar

KLM paints its first two Boeing 737-800s in the revised livery

KLM 737-800 PH-BXW and PH-BXZ (14)(Nose)(KLM)(LRW)

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Amsterdam) issued this short statement and top photo:

In the wake of our Embraer 190s (below) and Fokker 70s, KLM will shortly welcome the first two Boeing 737s featuring the new KLM livery.

The repainting of the Boeing 737-8K2 PH-BXW and PH-BXZ (above) will be completed this week. The new livery will subsequently also be phased in for the rest of the KLM fleet.

From 2015, all new aircraft joining the fleet, such as the 777-300 and 787-9, will be painted in the new livery.

Top Photo: KLM.

KLM aircraft slide show:

Bottom Copyright Photo: Ton Jochems/AirlinersGallery.com. KLM Cityhopper‘s Embraer ER 190-100LR PH-EXD (msn 19000661) shows off the revised look.

Frontier Airlines introduces its new livery

Frontier 2014 Brand - What's Behind

Frontier Airlines (2nd) (Denver) formally introduce its new livery on September 9 with the unveiling of Airbus A320-214 N227FR (msn 6184) with Grizwald, the bear, on the tail. The new livery revitalizes the styled “F” logo of the first Frontier Airlines.

Frontier 2014 logo (large)

Frontier A320-200 (14)(Flt)(Frontier)(LR)

Interestingly this version of Frontier is also bringing back the arrow that was used by the original Frontier Airlines‘ (Denver) Douglas DC-3s.

Although the current Frontier combines the two timelines into one timeline (below), the two Frontier Airlines are two separate and distinct airlines with two AOCs (with a gap between the two) that have shared the same name, heritage and Denver base:

Frontier Changes

Copyright Photo: Christian Volpati Collection/AirlinersGallery.com. Frontier Airlines’ (1st) Douglas C-47A-DL (DC-3) N64910 (msn 20062) displays the 1950 livery of the original Frontier Airlines.

Video: The rollout covered by Channel 7:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8Cr-yzC3sM&w=560&h=315%5D

Frontier Airlines (1st) Aircraft Slide Show: AG Slide Show

Frontier Airlines (2nd) Aircraft Slide Show: AG Slide Show



Frontier Airlines to introduce a new livery on September 9

Frontier A320 ? Livery

Frontier Airlines (2nd) (Denver), under its new ownership group, is planning to introduce a new livery on September 9. The animal tails are expected to be retained (below) now in an expected diagonal and larger format.

Frontier Tails (Frontier)

The company added this short promo line below and top image above:

We have some exciting changes coming! Keep your eyes peeled for what’s happening on September 9th!

Frontier Airlines (2nd) Aircraft Slide Show: AG Slide Show

Is this a tipoff? This image was used in a recent advertisement showing a revised livery including new titles.

Frontier New Livery

Yeti Airlines introduces a new livery in Nepal

Yeti Jetstream 41 9N-AHW (14)(Grd) KTM (Aashik Pokhrel)(LRW)

Yeti Airlines (Kathmandu), the second biggest domestic carrier in Nepal, has introduced this new livery, replacing the original 1998 color scheme. The new livery was designed by designer Aashik Pokhrel.

Currently the airlines operates a fleet of seven BAe Jetstream 41 aircraft. The pictured Jetstream 41 9N-AHW (msn 41078) is the first to be painted in the new design, soon to be followed by the others. Yeti Airlines currently flies from its base of Kathmandu to 10 destinations in Nepal.

Copyright Photo: Aashik Pokhrel.

Delta paints a Boeing 757 in the 1966 livery for the Delta Flight Museum

Delta Air Lines (Atlanta) has just repainted its Boeing 757-232 registered N608DA (msn 22815) in Atlanta in the “Upright Widget” livery. This color scheme (above) was introduced in 1966 for the fleet and was the longest-running livery for the carrier until the “red dash” color scheme was introduced in 1997.

The aircraft has now been donated to Delta Flight Museum.

Top Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum/AirlinersGallery.com. Sister ship Boeing 757-232 N619DL (msn 22909) taxies at Dallas/Fort Worth when it actually wore the 1966 color scheme (slightly altered in 1976). This is the first livery worn by Delta’s Boeing 757-200s.

Delta Air Lines (current livery): AG Slide Show

Delta Air Lines (historic and all other liveries): AG Slide Show

Delta’s Route Map in 1966 (it was barely an international airline):

Delta 1966 Route Map

Delta’s current fleet line-up and number of aircraft in service (Delta Air Lines):

Delta Fleet Part 1

Delta Fleet Part 2

American Airlines employees vote to keep the new flag tail design

American Airlines (Dallas/Fort Worth) and US Airways (Phoenix) (American Airlines Group) employees have voted to keep the new 2013 (Horton) livery. CEO Doug Parker made the announcement. 52 percent of the employees voted to keep the new look rather than a more traditional AA on the tail.

Our own WAN unofficial public poll showed a higher margin – 57 percent approving of the new design with 43 percent picking the more traditional AA tail. Therefore the new tail is probably more popular with the general public than with the employees.

See the results of our poll: CLICK HERE

The repainting of the US Airways and US Airways Express aircraft into American colors will now begin.

The first new legacy logo jet will be for TWA. In our on-going poll for which TWA livery should be painted on the retrojet, our readers favor the last (1995) livery by around 35 percent. However the 1962 (red arrow, twin globes) livery (27 percent) and 1980 livery (twin stripes, bold titles) (24 percent) are running close behind.

Have you voted? CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: TMK Photography/AirlinersGallery.com.

American Airlines: AG Slide Show

A new era for Iraqi Airways; new aircraft and a new brand

Iraqi Airways (Baghdad) in May 2008, through the Iraqi government, ordered 30 new Boeing 737-800s from The Boeing Company with options for 10 additional aircraft. The first aircraft in the order is being prepared for delivery. The flag carrier is taking the opportunity to also introduce a new livery for the airline. The airline is retaining its historic green and while color scheme but now with updated lines.

Copyright Photo: Duncan Kirk/AirlinersGallery.com. Boeing 737-81Z YI-ASE (msn 40104) taxies to the runway at Boeing Field (King County) in Seattle yesterday (May 28) in the evening for a test flight.

Iraqi Airways: AG Slide Show

China Airlines retires its Boeing 747-400 “Dynamic Blue”

China Airlines (Taipei) has repainted its Boeing 747-409 B-18210 (msn 33734) which was painted in the promotional Boeing 787 Dreamliner livery. China Airlines, which called the special aircraft “Dynamic Blue”, has repainted the aircraft in its regular colors.

Copyright Photos: Manuel Negrerie. B-18210 is pictured departing from the Taipei (Taoyuan) base before it was repainted.

China Airlines: AG Slide Show