SkyGreece Airlines is ready to start flying this month

SkyGreece FAs + 767-300 SX-BPN (13)(Grd)(SkyGreece)(LR)

SkyGreece Airlines (Athens) is planning to launch Boeing 767-300 ER passenger operations from Athens later this month. The airline plans to fly to North America (New York, Montreal and Toronto) but initially will operate weekly services from ATH to Asmara (starting on June 21), London (Gatwick) (July 5), Mogadishu (June 22) and Stockholm (Arlanda) (June 19) per Airline Route.

The company issued this statement:

SkyGreece Airlines S.A., a new Greek trans-Atlantic airline, founded by Greek expatriates from Canada and the USA, has acquired all necessary permits from the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority and the Greek Ministry of Transport.

After the scheduled test flight on March 21, 2014, that included HCAA executives, the Company fulfilled all required legal procedures, and is ready to commence flight operations worldwide. Concurrently, documentation has been submitted to the American and Canadian Civil Aviation Authorities, in order to obtain the necessary licenses and launch in its initial phase, scheduled flights from Athens to New York, Toronto and Montreal.

In the meantime, the Company will conduct selective charter flights. SkyGreece Airlines S.A. is staffed with experienced personnel in the aviation industry whose main goal is to unite Greece with the Greek diaspora. The Company operates in Markopoulo Attica, Montreal and Toronto, with future offices in New York.

The first aircraft of SkyGreece Airlines S.A. is a Boeing 767-300 ER, named “Taxiarchis” that has 274 seats, and hosts a distinctive Greek flag on its tail. The airline expects to enter the market dynamically with trans-Atlantic flights all in Greek traditional hospitality. It is currently in the process of acquiring a second aircraft.

We would like to inform you, that in order to respect the American and Canadian Civil Aviation procedures, SkyGreece Airlines S.A. will not be issuing another press release until all above licenses as required by law, have been obtained.

SkyGreece Airlines S.A. is grateful to the diaspora and the Greek State for their total support and cooperation.

Copyright Photo: SkyGreece Airlines. The flight crews stand in front of Boeing 767-31A ER SX-BPN (msn 26470).

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