Virgin America ups the ante on domestic food service

Virgin America seat and food service (Virgin America)(LR)

Virgin America (San Francisco) talks about its snack and meal service on its blog (in the wake of the American Airlines and US Airways announcement):

When we launched our airline (exactly seven years ago on Friday!), we introduced something pretty special to our cabins – a “food button”.

Yes that’s right – a button that allows you to order your favorite snacks and meals, straight to your seat in sky.

We were the first airline in the US to offer this unique, on-demand service and it remains really popular among our guests today. But have you ever wondered how it works?

The answer is ‘through a very handy device’, which interacts with our Red® in-flight entertainment system, letting our InFlight Teammates know when you feel like a snack. And starting today, we’re rolling out shiny new models for our InFlight Teammates to use across our fleet.

Vigin America Nexus 7 tablet (Virgin America)(LR)

The Nexus 7 tablet from Google (above) will replace our existing tablets, providing a thinner, lighter and faster solution and a state-of-the-art 7-inch touch screen. Our InFlight Teammates took the devices for a 30-day test run and shared great feedback, allowing them to deliver an even more efficient service to our guests.

And the best part – the tablets will give us a great foundation for the future, with the ability to constantly enhance the software and make the service even more personalized for our guests…so watch this space!

We expect the rollout of the new tablets to be complete as early as next week and in the meantime, we’re coming up with a special name for the new tablets. Slick Rick, Tiny Tim…what do you think we should call our clever new devices?

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