JetBlue Airways celebrates its one millionth passenger to connect to its Fly-Fi system, will introduce its 10th reoccurring tail fin design: Tartan

JetBlue Airways (New York) is celebrating its one millionth customer to connect to its high-speed Fly-Fi system, also making JetBlue the first airline worldwide to connect one million personal electronic devices (PEDs) to true broadband Ka-based Wi-Fi service. To celebrate, the 140 customers onboard “CONNECTED TO 01000010 01001100 01010101 01000101,” JetBlue’s Fly-Fi livery aircraft (above), were rewarded with a total one million TrueBlue points on a flight from New York’s JFK International Airport to San Diego International Airport.

JetBlue Fly-Fi Banner

JetBlue launched Fly-Fi, the fastest Wi-Fi among all U.S. airlines, last December. Fly-Fi offers broadband speed via Ka-band satellite using satellite-to-aircraft connectivity rather than the ground-to-aircraft connectivity, or Ku-band, the many other U.S. carriers offer. Fly-Fi is currently available on 70 aircraft, with an additional 10-12 aircraft being Fly-Fi enabled each month. The entire JetBlue fleet will be Fly-Fi installed by the end of 2015. JetBlue is now the only airline in the world to offer free live television at every seat and free high-speed Wi-Fi. JetBlue was also the first U.S. airline to offer gate-to-gate use of personal electronic devices (PEDs), as of November 2013.

During fourth quarter 2015, JetBlue will launch a new Fly-Fi Portal, which will serve as a content hub where customers can access a wide range of movies, television shows and additional content from their own personal devices.

in other news, the company this week will introduce its 10th reoccurring tail design. Management has informed its employees it will introduce a new Gaelic-inspired “Tartan” tail fin design. The design is really an updated version of the retired “Plaid” design with new diagonal bold lines with a hint of green.

The first aircraft to be repainted in the new “Tartan” design is Airbus A320-232 N565JB (msn 2031).

Copyright Photo: Ken Petersen/ Airbus A320-232 N709JB (msn 3488) in the special Binary Code livery departs from Raleigh-Durham.

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