ATSB issues an update for the search of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370

ATSB 10.2014 Search Area

Australian Transport Safety Board (ATSB) has issued an update dated October 8 for the search of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370. The ATSB believes the Boeing 777-200 ran out of fuel and spiraled down in the southern Indian Ocean. The ATSB is refining its search data using all available data. The search is likely to move further south. The ASTB issued this executive summary:

On March 8, 2014, flight MH 370, a Boeing 777- 200 ER registered 9M-MRO, lost contact with Air Traffic Control during a transition between Malaysian and Vietnamese airspace. An analysis of radar data and subsequent satellite communication (SATCOM) system signalling messages placed the aircraft in the Australian search and rescue zone on an arc in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. This arc was considered to be the location close to where the aircraft’s fuel was exhausted.

Refinements to the analysis of both the satellite and flight data have been continuing since the loss of MH 370. The analysis has been undertaken by a team from the UK, US, Australia and Malaysia working both independently and collaboratively. Priority, medium and wide search areas were provided in the ATSB’s MH 370 – Definition of Underwater Search Areas (June report).

The latest analysis indicate that the next, underwater, phase of the search should be prioritized further south within the wide search area.

Work is continuing with refinements to the analysis of the SATCOM data. This ongoing work may result in changes to the prioritization and locale of search activity over the period of the underwater search.

End-of-flight scenarios:

To estimate and have confidence in a reasonable search area width, it is important to understand the aircraft system status at the time of the SATCOM transmission from the aircraft at 0019.29 (log-on request), and the variations in aircraft behaviour and trajectory that were possible from that time.

The log-on request recorded at the final arc occurred very near the estimated time of fuel exhaustion. The recorded BFO values indicated that the aircraft could have been descending at that time. Aircraft systems analysis, in particular the electrical system and autoflight system, has been ongoing. In support of the systems analysis, the aircraft manufacturer and the operator have observed and documented various end-of-flight scenarios in their B777 simulators.

The simulator activities involved fuel exhaustion of the right engine followed by flameout of the left engine with no control inputs. This scenario resulted in the aircraft entering a descending spiralling low bank angle left turn and the aircraft entering the water in a relatively short distance after the last engine flameout. However when consideration of the arc tolerances, log on messages and simulator activities are combined, it indicates that the aircraft may be located within relatively close proximity to the arc. Whilst the systems analysis and simulation activities are ongoing, based on the analysis to date, the search area width described in the June report remains reasonable with the underwater search to commence at the 7th arc and progress outwards both easterly and westerl

Read the full report: CLICK HERE

Meanwhile CEO Tim Clark of Emirates believes the aircraft was always under control and may not be in the southern Indian Ocean. Tim Clark gave an interview to Der Spiegel. Read his comments here on the investigation from the Sydney Morning Herald: CLICK HERE

Maps: Google Earth.

Below: Google Earth/Flight path reconstruction group:

ATSB 10.2014 MH 370 Search Area

6 thoughts on “ATSB issues an update for the search of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370

  1. Toby Sanchez

    I recently started searching on Google Earth, and by accident I stumbled on what appears to be a large white plane like object, it seems to be resting inside an ocean like crater. Either the front or back part of the plane seems to be missing.
    There also seems to be other structures next to it, maybe hills, or mountains.

    I am not sure how accurate Google Earth Satellite Imagery is. Today, anything is possible. I believe that this could, might well be the missing Malaysian MH370 Plane. From the coordinates on Google Earth imagery, it seems real close to the last place the missing plane lost contact

    I posted this information and clips on Worldwide YouTube search;” Malaysian MH370 Or Other Missing Aircraft 8 20 2014” You can see the image clearer here as the images are zoomed in and out. The satellite images are current 2014.

    Maybe this is the Malaysian plane, that got lost, or some other plane that has been missing. No one, still, does not now which route it took. What if this is it?
    It is in the vicinity of the Indian Ocean
    I strongly believe that this could be the MH370 if not, it can be another airline that has been lost and there should still be bodies within, with families and loved ones that would very much like closure.
    Thank you

    1. Bruce Drum

      Thank you Toby. ATSB has been using the resources of Google Earth so they are involved. They are looking in that area that is on the maps.

      All the best.


  2. Toby Sanchez

    Thank you,Bruce, actually the area where I found the image(s) is no where near the areas in which the search is foregoing. It is totally far from where the search is taking place. I had contacted the naval intelligence commander, and he had replied that it should be looked into before a foreign country got hold of it. I accidentally deleted his email and response and have not been successful to contact anyone having to do with naval intelligence.
    Seeing as it is possible that this plane could have traveled any direction, I strongly believe there is a very strong possibility that this could be MH370;If not, it still resembles a large airliner and it must be missing from somewhere, with bodies within.
    Who should i contact? You are the only one who has responded to my comment.

  3. Bruce Drum

    Very interesting Toby. After I read your first comment I saw and added a comment by CEO of Emirates Tim Clark who believes the missing airliner may be in other places, not just the southern Indian Ocean. I would read his comments. There have been other airliners that have been lost or crashed at sea. I would Google search to see if any match the area you are looking at. It may be already known. I also previously posted an article about an organization that was using Google Maps to search for MH 370. I would find that article (look at the previous Malaysia Airlines posts on WAN – look in the right column and find Malaysia Airlines under All Previous Articles) and contact that organization. All the best.


    1. Toby Sanchez

      Hi,and good morning,Bruce,
      So is/was it possible that MH370 could, by chance have had enough fuel, to make it to Africa. Do you or (some military entity)someone reading this know or think that it is/was possible. Maybe they refueled somewhere, no one really knows exactly what went on, everyone is just speculating, what, “might” have occurred. I am kind of corresponding with you because you are the only person who, even took the time to respond to me. I really do thank you for that, and am very grateful to you,Bruce.

      No, matter, I still believe this could be MH370, how often do you find a plane image in plain sight, clear as day. It seems to be in one piece. Did you by chance view the images that I posted on YouTube: Malaysian MH370 Or Other Missing Aircraft 8 20 2014?

      Maybe there was an outbreak or virus on board and the pilots chose this rather than it coming to the rest of the population, or it was forced to another location.
      Thank you and you are so kind.

  4. Bruce Drum

    Possibly to Africa. I am not sure how much fuel they loaded. Usually it is enough to make their alternative for PEK. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there. As I have said, it is the biggest aviation mystery of our time as it was for Amelia Earhart in the 1930s (it still has not been located today). My advice, again, I recommend you contact the group I mentioned and share your information. Your location may have already been checked out or it may be new. They would know. All the best.


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