Alaska Airlines orders six additional Boeing 737-900 ERs

Alaska Airlines‘ (Seattle/Tacoma) fleet of fuel-efficient Boeing airplanes is growing again. Seattle’s hometown airline is purchasing six more Boeing 737-900 Extended Range aircraft, valued at $594 million, Boeing’s current list price. The new planes, four scheduled for delivery in 2016 and two in 2017, bring Alaska’s total of locally manufactured jets on order to 79.

Over the next few years, Alaska’s remaining 737-400s will be replaced with 737-900 ERs, which transport 25 percent more passengers on the same amount of fuel.

737 Space Bins at 737 Configuration Studio

Above Photo: Alaska Airlines.

Starting later this year, all of Alaska’s new 737-900 ERs will feature Boeing’s innovative Space Bins (above). The larger overhead bins have a similar look and feel to Alaska’s current pivot bins, yet will hold 48 percent more bags than the current bins. When open, the bin’s bottom edge hangs about 2 inches lower, which means customers don’t have to lift their bags as high to load them. The deeper bins allow more bags to be stowed, and let customers load bags with less struggle.

Top Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing/ Boeing 737-990 ER N464AS (msn 40714) with Aviation Partners Boeing Split Scimitar Winglets arrives in Los Angeles.

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