Update on LAW-Latin American Wings

On March 12, 2018, the Chilean airline LAW-Latin American Wings said in a statement that the company will gradually return its operations. The company plans to operate from Friday, March 16, to its last remaining international destinations in Haiti, Dominican Republic and Miami (via Xtra Airways).

The airline is also considering operating under an ACMI contract for six months starting in April 2018.

LAW statement (in Spanish): https://www.vuelalaw.com/cl/Declaracio%CC%81n-pu%CC%81blica_120302018.pdf)

That afternoon, local civil aviation authority, DGAC Chile via Twitter stated that LAW has not given them the proper documents for restarting operations on March 16, and thus LAW’s AOC has been suspended until the airline updates its status, as they have not informed the DGAC about the extent of the announced ACMI operation of its fleet.
Alvaro Romero reporting from Chile.

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