Air Georgian writes an open letter to Canadian aviation industry leaders

Air Georgian CRJ First Officer Eileen Chan (pictured), helps to represent Air Georgian’s diverse work environment. Georgian is breaking down gender barriers in aviation, currently employing over twice the national and international average of female pilots. They are challenging themselves and the greater Canadian aviation industry to reach gender parity by 2028. (CNW Group/Air Georgian Limited)

On August 1, 2018, John Tory, Vice President at Air Georgian, sent an open letter to Canadian aviation industry leaders. The letter challenges leaders to join Air Georgian’s commitment to invest in pilot training and development to support aspiring aviators in achieving their dreams of flight.

Air Georgian recognizes the challenges the aviation industry is facing and has highlighted significant issues that require the industry’s combined energy and attention, including:


Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Parity. A lack of diversity in the aviation industry acts as a barrier to a career in aviation. Air Georgian is proud to have a workforce which is 58% millennial and in which 35% of employees self-identify as a visible minority. Georgian is also breaking down gender barriers in aviation through partnerships aimed at attracting women into aviation, and currently employs over twice the national and international average of female pilots.

“We are challenging ourselves to reach gender parity through all sectors of [Air Georgian], including pilots, within the next ten years, and are now extending this challenge to the greater aviation community,” wrote Tory.


Program Funding. Motivated by the pilot shortage and lack of funding for aspiring aviators, Air Georgian has put significant resources into programs focusing on aviation career awareness, recruitment and retention.


Air Georgian is inviting industry peers to join them for a Canadian Pilot Recruitment and Development Workshop in Fall 2018 at the Air Georgian Academy in Mississauga, where Air Georgian is looking to lead a Canadian solution to the pilot shortage.

If you are interested in participating in Air Georgian’s workshop or are simply accepting their challenge on these initiatives, please email: workshop date will be finalized after input is received from interested attendees.