Delta systems normal with no cancellations following brief tech issue

Delta Air Lines issued a statement:

There are currently no Delta flight cancellations following a brief technology issue that prompted an hour-long groundstop for U.S. mainline Delta flights this evening. Additional flight delays and the impact on Wednesday morning’s schedule are expected to be minimal. Delta apologizes to its customers for this inconvenience.

Customers flying tonight or Wednesday should check their flight status on or on the Fly Delta app. All of Delta’s customer tools are fully functional.

The technology issue’s impact was limited to the U.S.  There was no safety impact on any Delta flights.

Delta teams are investigating the root cause of the technology issue.

Image: Delta AIr Lines.


9:20 p.m. update

Delta teams have restored all IT systems after a technology issue briefly affected some systems this evening. Delta employees are now working diligently to accommodate customers whose travel plans have been affected. Booking, check-in and flight status are now available on The Fly Delta app is also now functional. Customers should check flight information on or on the Fly Delta app for the latest operational information affecting their flights.

During the technology issue, Delta issued a mainline groundstop in the U.S. until systems could be brought back up. There was no disruption or safety impact on any Delta flights in the air.

We apologize to all customers for this inconvenience.


Initial statement, 8:28 p.m.

Delta IT teams are working diligently to address a technology issue impacting some of our systems. We have issued a Delta groundstop as we work to bring systems back up as quickly as possible. There has been no disruption or safety issue with any Delta flight currently in the air. We apologize to all customers for this inconvenience.