Air France to establish a museum fund, asks for contributions

Air France has made this announcement:

The company is strengthening the protection and promotion of its historical heritage by setting up the Air France Museum Heritage Endowment Fund.

An innovative legal entity launched under the 2008 Law on the Modernisation of the Economy, the Air France Museum Heritage Endowment Fund is intended to house the most precious and representative objects of the company’s  and the Air France group’s history, from the Air France Museum and Heritage collections. Once inventoried, these objects will become inalienable, thus securing their future. The first meeting of the Heritage Endowment Fund was held on October 2, 2018.

With more than 500 works of art, 2,000 posters, 600 uniforms, 400 aircraft models, 600 antique aviation toys, a unique collection of 14,000 commemorative stamped envelopes, several hundred thousand photos, films and more, Air France’s historical heritage is exceptionally rich. The creation of the Air France Museum Heritage Endowment Fund thus marks an important step in the protection and promotion of this heritage.

In addition, by guaranteeing the preservation and therefore the durability of the objects in its possession, the Air France Museum Heritage Endowment Fund will make it possible to receive more donations*. Donors will be able to claim tax deductions.

Air France celebrates its 85th anniversary

In October 2018, Air France is celebrating its 85th anniversary. The company’s heritage and its modernity through the ages are in the spotlight during this period of festivities that will last several months. With special flights, entertainment on board and at the airport, sporting events, special fares and more, all these events will highlight the history of an airline at the forefront of modern technology and innovation for the benefit of its customers.

* Anyone wishing to make a donation of items connected with the airline’s heritage are invited to contact the Air France Museum at the following address: The Air France Museum will then forward them to the Heritage Endowment Fund after analysis and valuation.