Swoop announces its summer schedule

Swoop has released its full summer schedule with nonstop flights available for booking from April 28, 2019 through October 26, 2019. Along with three new destinations of London ON, Kelowna BC and Oakland CA, the schedule boasts five new domestic markets, two new transborder markets and an extension of two international routes.

The new domestic markets include service between London and Halifax six times per week and daily service from London to/from Abbotsford and Edmonton. Service between Kelowna and Winnipeg will be offered three times a week. The schedule also sees the return of the seasonal route between Abbotsford and Winnipeg four times per week.

Edmonton will enjoy increased transborder capacity with thrice-weekly flights to/from Oakland and a weekly flight to/from Orlando.

Internationally, Swoop will continue its Hamilton service to Montego Bay and Cancun, with a weekly return flight throughout the summer.

Amongst the routes that will end for the summer are Hamilton to Puerto Vallarta and Tampa Bay, and Abbotsford to Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlán. Edmonton to Mesa will take a short hiatus and suspend service at the end of May before resuming October 5, 2019.

Details of Swoop’s summer schedule:

Domestic Markets Weekly


Service Offered Total One-Way

Price From

Edmonton and Hamilton 14x Daily  $139 CAD
Edmonton and Abbotsford 16x Daily    $59 CAD
Hamilton and Halifax 13x Daily  $139 CAD
Hamilton and Winnipeg 6x Daily except Saturday    $89 CAD
Hamilton and Abbotsford 12x Daily  $159 CAD
Edmonton and Winnipeg 6x Daily except Saturday    $69 CAD
New Domestic Markets
London and Halifax 6x Daily except Saturday

(starts May 24, 2019)

$139 CAD
London and Abbotsford 7x Daily

(starts May 24, 2019)

$159 CAD
London and Edmonton 7x Daily

(starts April 28, 2019)

 $139 CAD
Abbotsford and Winnipeg 4x Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri

(starts May 24, 2019)

$129 CAD
Kelowna and Winnipeg 3x Mon, Wed, Fri

(starts May 24, 2019)

$119 CAD
Transborder Markets
Edmonton and Mesa 2x Wed, Sat

(ends May 25, 2019 and

resumes October 5, 2019)

 $159 CAD
Edmonton and Las Vegas 7x Daily  $139 CAD
Abbotsford and Las Vegas 2x Thu, Sun  $119 CAD
Hamilton and Las Vegas 4x Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun  $159 CAD
Hamilton and Fort Lauderdale 2x Mon, Fri  $149 CAD
 Hamilton and Orlando 3x Mon, Wed, Sat  $159 CAD
Hamilton and Tampa 3x Wed, Thu, Sat

(ends May 22, 2019)

 $119 CAD
New Transborder Markets
Edmonton and Oakland 3x Tue, Thu, Sun

(starts May 26, 2019)

 $159 CAD
Edmonton and Orlando 1x Sat

(starts June 1, 2019)

 $199 CAD
International Markets
Hamilton and Montego Bay 1x Sat  $199 CAD
Hamilton and Puerto Vallarta 1x Sat

(ends May 18, 2019)

 $139 CAD
Hamilton and Cancun 1x Sat  $139 CAD
Abbotsford and Puerto Vallarta 2x Mon, Sat

(ends May 20, 2019)

 $159 CAD
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