American Airlines flight attendant union demands investigation into company’s involvement in demeaning sex object video

APFA issued this statement:

A video that went viral last night has prompted the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) to demand that American Airlines (AA) CEO Doug Parker conduct an independent investigation of Management’s involvement in the incident. The video, which was posted on Twitter, captured a skit of individuals portrayed as Flight Attendants promoting sex appeal as an attraction to AA’s most prominent and lucrative passengers, those with premium Executive Platinum status. It is set to the musical score of “Big Spender.”

Reportedly, the skit was part of a fundraising auction and event with AA customers. AA Senior Management has represented to the APFA that it has nothing to do with the private skit or event.

APFA wants to know the details of Management’s involvement. Where was this skit performed? How was it allowed to be performed at an AA event? How did private members get a list of other Advantage members to hold this allegedly private event? Did the Company donate any resources for the event? Why was AA’s logo involved? What is AA’s relationship to the sponsor of the event? Will AA take responsibility or try to shift blame?

“This cannot be happening in today’s environment. We will not tolerate our profession being objectified in a sexist manner,” said APFA National President Lori Bassani. “We want the facts about the Company’s involvement and we want answers.”

APFA wants to be included in the independent investigation. “Let us get to the bottom of what really happened. A Facebook statement is not enough.”