United: Our “next livery” has been cleared for takeoff – really?

United Airlines has issued another teaser on social media with a video glimpse of its “next livery”. It will be officially introduced in the Chicago later today.

CEO Oscar Munoz called it more of an “evolution than a revolution”. He was right. At best, it is a minor tweak rather than a new livery. The new look includes a lot of blue.

United is probably guilty of over hype for such a minor change to a livery that started with Continental Airlines in 1991. The gold trim has been removed. It has more blue. The Continental globe has been tweaked but it remains the logo of United.

In advertising, you never over promise and under deliver. We will leave it to the readers (see poll below) to decide if this was over-hype.

After a photo of the “new livery” was leaked online, United quickly introduced this short revealing video on Twitter.

The first aircraft to wear the “new look” is the pictured Boeing 737-824 N37267 as seen in the video.

We will post the official announcement latter today. In the meantime, what do you think?